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What you need to set up DBS-Xero bank feeds

 DBS Business Account with free IDEAL access

Xero accounting software
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*Applicable to users that connect their DBS bank account in Xero

Then just follow these steps to set up. See how.

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What types of accounts would I be able to set up bank feeds for?

You would be able to set up bank feeds for all DBS corporate current accounts to be delivered directly into the Xero platform. However, please note that Fixed Deposit Accounts are not supported.

Will DBS-Xero bank feeds cost me anything?

If you’re currently using Xero and have a DBS bank account, direct banks are available at no additional cost to you. If you don’t currently bank with DBS, get started now.

How do I sign up for this service?

You can sign up for this service by clicking on the “Connect a bank” feature within Xero which will prompt you to login to IDEAL. You’ll require your IDEAL Login credentials (including your Digital Token or Physical token) for us to verify you. Subsequently, you just have to authorize the bank to send the feeds to Xero and you are done!

For more information on Xero, please click here.

Can all users sign up for this?

Only users who are IDEAL authorizers are able to sign up. You would only be able to send bank feeds for accounts that the user is entitled to within IDEAL.

I am only on IDEAL Enquiry access. Will I be able to access this service?

As a company on IDEAL Enquiry would not have any users who are authorizers. Please upgrade your accesses to IDEAL Transact for free by using this form. There are no subscription charges for IDEAL Transact access.

I’ve recently opened a new account after setting up my DBS-Xero bank feeds. How do I get the bank feeds for the new account?

Simply login to Xero and re-connect the bank feeds again. You should be able to access the bank feeds page from Xero and re-initiate the bank feeds. Do ensure that the user who tries to do the connection has access to the new account.

How do I set up bank feeds for my subsidiary company?

The subsidiary company must have its own DBS IDEAL online banking account with unique login ID and password, in order to set up bank feeds. You will not be able to log in to your parent company’s IDEAL account to set up bank feeds if the subsidiary company’s account is not tagged to the parent company’s IDEAL account.