Cloud accounting software providing simple and time-saving automatic bank feeds


Cloud accounting software providing simple and time-saving automatic bank feeds

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A cloud-accounting software that connects to 1000+ apps to suit your business needs. Connect your bank accounts to automate reconciliations and ease financing​



Bank Feed Integration​
Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on connecting your DBS bank account with Xero, or view instructions here.​

*The payments integration is no longer available to send bill payment instructions from Xero to DBS IDEAL.


Ease of Financing​



Up-to-date view of your cash flow

With DBS-Xero bank feeds, your day starts with valuable insights and an updated view of your financial position.


Send and receive e-invoices via the Peppol network from Xero directly to your buyer's accounting system for quicker payments.

Ease of financing

Connect your Xero account when applying for a loan to ease the reconciliation process and boost your business cashflow!


Bank Integration​

Sync transactions automatically & ease reconciliations​



Ease of Financing​

Easily apply for loans by importing bank statements from Xero​



Keep an eye on your finances. Track bank balances, invoices, bills and more​​

App Integration

Create custom integrations with over 1000+ apps from payroll, CRM to payments​


Capture Data​

Data capture without manual entry using Hubdoc.​


Manage Fixed Assets

Track & manage fixed assets, keeping your books up to date​


Under the DBS Start Digital Programme, enjoy free 6 months subscription for Starter plan with complimentary upgrade to higher tiers. Thereafter, sign up for your preferred plan at the following rates:


Good for new businesses


Features include:

  • Send quotes and 20 invoices
  • Enter 5 bills
  • Single currency
  • Capture bills and receipts 
  • Short-term cash flow and business snapshot

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Good for growing businesses


Features include:

  • Send quotes and unlimited invoices
  • Enter unlimited bills
  • Single currency
  • Capture bills and receipts
  • Short-term cash flow and business snapshot
  • Bulk reconciliation of account transactions

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Good for established businesses of all sizes


Features include:

  • Send quotes and unlimited invoices
  • Enter unlimited bills
  • Multiple currencies
  • Capture bills and receipts
  • Short-term cash flow and business snapshot
  • Bulk reconciliation of account transactions

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Please refer to Xero’s website for latest pricing

How to Apply

New to DBS SME Banking?

DBS Corporate Accounts

Apply for a DBS Business Multi-Currency Account Now

Manage your cash flow with our easy-to-open accounts.



Sign up for DBS IDEAL

Run your banking – give approvals, pay salaries, check balances and more – on any screen, anytime, anywhere.

New to Xero?

DBS Start Digital – Xero 

Apply now

Sign up for a Xero account via our Start Digital Programme and enjoy 6 months free subscription!

Need Financing?

Financing with Xero and DBS

Apply for a Business Loan now

Connect your Xero account for your loan application and grow your business!

Which type of bank accounts can I set up bank feeds for?

You can set up bank feeds for all DBS Corporate Current Accounts to be delivered directly to the Xero platform. All DBS bank accounts can be set up to be connected to Xero platform for bank feeds except for Fixed Deposit Accounts.

How do I sign up for this service? 

Sign up for this service by clicking on the “Connect a bank” feature within Xero. It will prompt you to log in to IDEAL with your digital or physical token. Subsequently, you authorise the bank to send the feeds to Xero. Learn more about Xero.

Who can set up bank feed connection?

Only an IDEAL authoriser can set up a bank feed connection. Do note that you can only send the bank feeds to Xero for accounts that are registered to you to within DBS IDEAL.

I have IDEAL Enquiry Access. Can I use this service?

Upgrade your access to IDEAL transact for free, apply now.

How do I get bank feeds for a new account?

Simply log in to Xero and reconnect the bank feeds again. You should be able to access the bank feeds page from the Xero platform and re-initiate the bank feeds. Ensure that the new user who tries to make the connection has access to the new account. 

How do I set up bank feeds for my subsidiary company?

The subsidiary company must have its own DBS IDEAL online banking account with a unique login ID and password.

Tag your subsidiary company to your company’s IDEAL account to set up bank feeds.

What is the ‘Scheduled Report/Data Export’?

This is a scheduled report that is created on the backend when you set up the Xero bank feeds. Do not delete any entries as your daily transactions are generated and sent to Xero through this report.

How do I connect to Xero for my loan application?

1) Select your business’ preference loan to suit your needs via our DBS Online Loan Application Form (OLAF), with no application paperwork required, saving you time and effort.  

2) Fill up all necessary contact details and enter all loan requirement details and review before submission  

3) As part of the DBS loan application, we will ask you to make a one-time only connection to Xero. Select ‘import from Xero’ and login to Xero. Before analysing your bank statements, we will ask for your consent. 

4) Your loan application is now successful! 

What data am I sharing with DBS for the loan application when I choose to connect to Xero?

DBS will ask for your consent to securely access and assess information that will support your application, including: 

  • Profit and loss 
  • Balance sheet 
  • Historical transactions and supporting information 

Following the assessment, we’ll immediately confirm your borrowing capacity. In some instances we may offer you a lower borrowing limit than the amount you applied for. 

This data may also be used to identify ways we can support your business in the future. All information you share will also be used in line with DBS Privacy Policy.

How do I increase the probability of a successful loan application through Xero?

You’ll need to ensure that your financials are up-to-date and recent transactions are reconciled.   

If you need support to reconcile your accounts, please visit: Reconcile bank accounts easily in Xero 

Can I apply for the financing if I do not have a Xero account or have not set up the bank feed connection?

You can still apply for financing if you do not have a Xero account or have yet to set up the bank feed connection via Xero. However, we encourage you to sign up with Xero and set up the bank feed to the Xero cloud accounting platform for easy reconciliation of your bank statements and transactions.  

If you are new to digital solutions, you can sign up to Xero through the DBS Start Digital Programme which you can enjoy a free 6 months subscription with Xero. For more information on the DBS Start Digital program, please click here.

What are the cloud application solutions that Xero are integrated with?

Doing business is better when you are connected to the right applications to level up your business. Find and connect to different applications in Payoll, reporting ecommerce, point of sale, inventory and more by accessing the Xero app store.



"Automatic bank feeds are just the fix our coffee business needs."