post shipment finance

Export Open Account Post-shipment Financing

Improve cash flow on open account terms

Export Open Account Post-shipment Financing

Improve cash flow on open account terms

At a Glance
Secure receivables financing for open account sales and improve cash flow with Account Receivable financing.

Short-term solutions

Based on supporting documents like invoices and transport, accompanied by a bill of exchange drawn on you

Save time

Apply for financing and monitor payments online through DBS IDEAL

Stay in the know

Receive automatic reminders on your settlement due date via DBS IDEAL

Features & Benefits
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To improve your cash flow as the Bank will provide financing before your customer pays you

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Financing can be obtained to pay your overhead or raw materials purchases


Handling fees: 1/8% flat, min. S$80

How to Apply

Submit your application form to any of our Trade Document Counters at Marina Bay Financial Centre and Jurong Gateway (Toh Guan).

How do I complete the application form?

Please contact us for help in completing the application form.

Do I need a credit facility to apply?

Yes, you must obtain a credit facility first. Please contact us should you require one.

How do I access the financing rate?

Please contact us. We will arrange for a relationship manager to assess your needs and provide you with a quotation.

How long does it take to process?

If your application is within banking facilities and documents are complete, we can process it on the same day (if received at our MBFC or Toh Guan Trade Counters before 4pm).

How do I check the status of financing?

You can check payment status through DBS IDEAL or contact us. You will receive a reminder from IDEAL upon maturity.

What are the FX rates used for settlement?

From 1 May 2016, we will use our prevailing foreign exchange rates for the settlement of your Trade Financing. If less than S$200,000 or the equivalent on the due date. Refer to our prevailing Rates Online. If you have an FX contract, please let us know the latest by 2pm on the due date.