Cloud accounting software providing simple and time-saving automatic bank feeds


Cloud accounting software providing simple and time-saving automatic bank feeds

At a Glance

Experience less hassle with Xero to streamline your business accounting operations. DBS customers can save more time when you connect your bank accounts to Xero and set up daily bank feeds for automatic reconciliation at no additional cost!


Up-to-date view of your cash flow

With DBS-Xero bank feeds, your day starts with valuable insights and an updated view of your financial position.


Direct FAST payments from Xero to DBS IDEAL

Outstanding bill payments can now be sent from Xero to DBS IDEAL for authorisation


Send and receive e-invoices via the Peppol network from Xero directly to your buyer’s accounting system for quicker payments.


Ease of financing

Connect your Xero account when applying for a loan to ease the reconciliation process and boost your business cashflow! 

How to Apply for a Xero Account

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Sign up for DBS IDEAL

Run your banking – give approvals, pay salaries, check balances and more – on any screen, anytime, anywhere.

New to Xero?

DBS Start Digital – Xero 

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Sign up for a Xero account via our Start Digital Programme and enjoy 6 months free subscription!

Need Financing?

Financing with Xero and DBS

Apply for a Business Loan now

Connect your Xero account for your loan application and grow your business!


Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on connecting your DBS bank account with Xero, or view instructions here.

Step-by-step guide to perform a FAST transaction via Xero.


Boost your business cashflow by using Xero to reconcile your bank statements for ease of application! 


Which accounts can I set up bank feeds for?

You can set up bank feeds for all DBS Corporate Current Accounts to be delivered directly to the Xero platform. All except for Fixed Deposit Accounts.

How do I sign up for this service?

Sign up for this service by clicking on the “Connect a bank” feature within Xero. It will prompt you to log in to IDEAL with your digital or physical token. Subsequently, you just have to authorise the bank to send the feeds to Xero. Learn more about Xero.

Who can set up bank feed connection?

Only an IDEAL authoriser can set up bank feed connection. Do note you can only send bank feeds to Xero for accounts that you are entitled to within DBS IDEAL.

I have IDEAL Enquiry Access. Can I use this service?

You will have to upgrade your access to IDEAL transact for free, apply for Ideal account now.

How do I get bank feeds for a new account?

Simply log in to Xero and reconnect the bank feeds again. You should be able to access the bank feeds page from Xero and re-initiate the bank feeds. Ensure that the user who tries to make the connection has access to the new account.

How do I set up bank feeds for my subsidiary company?

The subsidiary company must have its own DBS IDEAL online banking account with unique login ID and password.

Tag your subsidiary company to your company’s IDEAL account to set up bank feeds.

How does the direct payments from Xero to IDEAL work?

Outstanding bill payments can now be sent from Xero to DBS IDEAL for authorisation. You and your clients will no longer need to re-enter details when paying bills in Xero. Saving you time and reducing errors.

Bills sent from Xero to DBS IDEAL will be paid out via FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) electronic funds transfer. We’ll notify you of more payment modes when they are available.

Who can initiate FAST payment via Xero?

All Xero Singapore customers who have set up a DBS Bank Feed Connection with Xero can initiate payment from Xero, after which the transaction will appear in IDEAL for approval.

Which user roles can use direct payments?

The role has to be indicated as Standard, Adviser or Invoice Only.

How long does it take to transmit a payment request?

It will take about 10 minutes. After that, you will be able to see the payment requests inside IDEAL awaiting approval.

Will this work for multi-currency bills also?

This service is only available for bills in Singapore Dollars.

What is the ‘Scheduled Report/Data Export’?

This is a scheduled report that is created in the backend when you set up the Xero bank feeds. Do not delete this entry as your daily transactions are generated and sent to Xero through this report.

How do I connect to Xero for my loan application?

1) Select your business’ preference loan to suit your needs via our DBS Online Loan Application Form (OLAF)
2) Fill up all necessary contact details and enter all loan requirement details to review before submission 
3) Select ‘Import to Xero’ to upload all necessary bank statement documents from your Xero account and login to authorise the import
4) Your loan application is now successful!

Can I apply for the financing if I do not have a Xero account or have not set up the bank feed connection?

You can still apply for financing if you do not have a Xero account or have yet to set up the bank feed connection via Xero. However, we encourage you to apply for Xero account and set up the bank feed for easy reconciliation of your bank statements, which can improve your cashflow. 

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"Automatic bank feeds are just the fix our coffee business needs."