Steady performance of digiPortfolio

Steady performance for digiPortfolio in 1H2019

digiPortfolio 1H2019 performance

In the second quarter of 2019, US-China trade tensions dominated market sentiment. Our CIO argued that unless a comprehensive trade deal could be reached, the market would not see new highs. Albeit the slow performance, the portfolios continue to generate steady returns through 2Q19.

Factoring in the portfolios’ performances in the first quarter, both Global Portfolio and Global Portfolio Plus have delivered good performance across all risk levels till date.

1H19 Portfolio Returns

Portfolio Types Slow n Steady Comfy Cruisin Fast n Furious
Global Portfolio SGD 7.4% 10.4% 13.5%
USD 7.9% 11.0% 13.9%
Global Portfolio Plus SGD 8.0% 11.7% 14.2%
USD 8.4% 12.2% 14.9%

The above table is based on the Indicative Model Portfolio Gross of returns.
Individual performance may vary

Rebalancing against portfolio drift

As our economic outlook remains similar to last quarter, so portfolios that were rebalanced to guard against portfolio drift (which is the deviation of each asset class from its target allocation weight).

For example, if the target allocation of equities in a portfolio is 50%, growth in the equity markets would see the proportion of equities in the portfolio grow beyond 50%. Likewise, a fall in the equity markets would see the proportion drop lower than 50%. A high drift may expose investors to more/less risk than intended, and rebalancing is required to correct this drift.

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