Know Your Child’s Education Milestones

Know your child’s education milestones

Preschool (0-6 years old)

Goal: Build a strong foundation
What you can do: Provide a stimulating environment for your child

Infant Care Playgroup
Child Care/Preschool Children’s Gym
Kindergarten Enrichment Classes: Right-brain training/music/art/phonics/ballet (5 years onwards)/abacus (4 years onwards)


Primary School (7-12 years old)

Goal: Nurture potential
What you can do: Help your child develop in 6 key areas
- Intellect, Physical, Emotional, Moral, Spiritual, Social

Languages Swimming
Science Taekwondo
Maths Ball games like soccer, basketball, netball
Speech & Drama Sailing
Tuition Dance


Secondary School – Junior College/Polytechnic (13-19 years old)

Goal: Forge a future
What you can do: Challenge your child, cultivate your child’s interest, impart discipline and responsibility.

secondary school study loan


University (19-24 years old)

Goal: Turn dreams into reality
What you can do: Help your child plan his university education

tertiary education fund
  1. Time horizon
  2. Choice of university
  3. Choice of faculty
  1. Foreign currency
  2. Alternative funding (e.g. Scholarships/study grants/study loan/computer loan/CPF Education Scheme)

Here’s an estimated projection.
Based on the cost of a university education in 2015 vs. 2030 (15 years later)

2015 Avg Uni Expenses** Avg Living Expenses Estimated Total  
Singapore S$32,000 - S$32,000
Australia S$189,000 S$96,000 S$285,000
UK S$79,000 S$80,000 S$159,000
USA S$156,000 S$75,000 S$231,000


2030 Avg Tuition Fee# Avg Living Expenses# Estimated Total
Singapore S$49,000 - S$49,000
Australia S$405,000 S$145,000 S$550,000
UK S$338,332 S$118,000 S$456,332
USA S$266,000 S$107,000 S$373,000


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**Source: SPH – The Sunday Times, 19 May 2013
# Education inflation (p.a.)
Singapore - 2.9% (Department of Statistics of Singapore, Year 2014)
Australia - 5.2% (Australia Bureau of Statistics, December Quarter 2013 to December Quarter 2014)
US - 3.6% (Bureau of Labour Statistics, unadjusted percentage change January 2015)
UK - 10.2% (Office of National Statistics (ONS), year 2014)
Living inflation (p.a.)
Singapore - 2.5% (Monetary Authority of Singapore, Inflation Calculator, Year 2008 to Year 2013)
Australia - 2.8% (Reserve Bank of Australia, Year 2004 to year 2014)
US - 2.4% (US Inflation Calculator, Year 2004 to Year 2014)
Uk - 2.6% (Office for National Statistics, Year 2004 to Year 2014)
The projected figures are based on the following assumptions: 1. Living inflation rate and education inflation rate is constant, at the current level, throughout the projection period. 2. Exchange rate between countries (i.e. USD, GBP, AUD) remains at current level throughout the projection period.

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