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Multi-Currency Account

Multi-Currency AccountThe DBS Multi-Currency Autosave Account enables you to save and transact in SGD and foreign currencies all in one account.

Fixed Deposit - Foreign Currency

Fixed Deposit - Foreign CurrencyFixed Deposit in foreign currencies offers you a chance for foreign exchange gains on top of the earned interest.

Fixed Deposit - Singapore Dollar

Fixed Deposit - Singapore DollarMaximise your savings and ensure a safe return on your money with our Singapore Dollar Fixed Deposit Account.

The New DBS Multiplier Account

DBS Multiplier ProgrammeNo minimum salary credit required, no minimum credit card spend and up to 3.5% interest p.a.

Sign up for DBS iWealth

Sign up for DBS iWealth

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Download the new DBS iWealth app

Download the new DBS iWealth app

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Simplest way to go dutch - DBS Paylah!

Simplest way to go dutch - DBS Paylah!

It's so simple to share a meal, a movie or anything at all with your buddies! Simply whip out your phone and send cash instantly with DBS Paylah!

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