At a Glance

Track and analyse your portfolio effortlessly

Get a clear picture of your holdings with thoughtfully designed features and powerful tools.

Get personalised, actionable investment ideas

Stay on top of the market with timely digital alerts and​ stock suggestions personalised to your portfolio.

Capture opportunities in 7 markets, anywhere

Trade in Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and the UK, and enjoy competitive fees.

DBS Online Equity Trading is made for investors. We’ve designed it to let you go from trade to trade with ease and confidence. And loaded up on intelligent features and tools to let you manage and grow your equity portfolio anytime, anywhere. All from your Wealth Management Account.


Track your holdings effortlessly

However you grow and diversify your equity portfolio, we’ve made tracking every stock quick, simple and clear.


Analyse your stocks in detail

Tap on powerful tools to look at stocks from every angle. See in-depth data in your own way. And get an expert take on an equity with the DBS House View.

Deep dive into a stock

Quickly view key statistics, price performance data, DBS ratings and more.​

Supplement your decisions with a charting tool

View an array of data points, evaluate technical signals and trends, and personalise it all to your preference.

Get more insights with Advanced Market Data​

View Trade Distribution and the Time and Sales of individual stocks. And see up to 20 levels of Bid-Ask data.

Get the expert view with CLOVERS score

Assess and compare stocks the way an analyst would, using data across a consistent set of key company metrics. Presented in an easy-to-understand visualisation.

Learn more about our CLOVERS score feature


Get personalised investment ideas

Too busy to research? We’ve done the groundwork and legwork — to give you investment ideas and timely alerts you can act on immediately.​


Capture opportunities in 7 markets​

Trade and monitor shares online in seven major markets: Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and the UK. And enjoy competitive fees when you trade.​


Eligibility & Fees

Online Equity Trading

Market Online Rate* Minimum Charge
(Inclusive of GST)
Singapore 0.12% No minimum
United States 0.15% USD 19.62
Hong Kong 0.15% HKD 87.20
Canada 0.25% CAD 21.80
United Kingdom 0.25% GBP 21.80
Australia 0.25% AUD 21.80
Japan 0.25% JPY 2,180

* Where “*” is indicated, the fee or charge will be subjected to GST at the prevailing rate, where applicable.

To view the full list of online brokerage and market charges, please refer DBS Online Equity Trading Fees & Charges.

Important note: For HKEX, effective from 22 November 2023, the name of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC) has been changed to Accounting and Financial Reporting Council (AFRC). Consequently, the FRC Transaction Levy that is applied on all HKEX trades will now be renamed as AFRC Transaction Levy. As we are in the midst of updating the system to reflect this name change, please take note that you may still see FRC being used in our trading platform, statements, contract notes and advices. There are also no changes to the Transaction Levy rate.

For other prevailing fees such as custody fee, please refer to our DBS Treasures pricing guide.


How to Invest

Access Online Equity Trading on DBS digibank app


Apply now

To open a DBS Wealth Management Account for trading


Frequently Asked Questions

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