Enjoy exclusive mortgage promotion rates available to DBS Treasures clients only.

  • 0.15% below standard DBS 3M SORA rates
  • 1 free conversion to any DBS home loan package after the lock-in period expires
  • For Direct clients: Additional S$300 above standard refinancing cash rebates, up to $3,1001


Completed Private Residential Properties in Singapore

Lock-in Period

2 years

Interest Rate

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3


3M SORA + 0.85%
3M SORA + 0.85%
3M SORA + 0.85%
3M SORA + 1.00%

Minimum Loan Amount


Additional Benefit

  • 1 free conversion 24 months after loan disbursement
  • Additional refinancing cash rebates of S$300 per tier for Direct clients (i.e. not referred via third-party agents or mortgage brokers)

Refinancing Cash Rebates

Receive up to S$3,100 in cash when you refinance your property loan from another bank to us today!

Loan Amount Refinancing Cash Rebate

S$500,000 to < S$1,000,000

S$2,000 + S$300 (Direct clients) = S$2,300

S$1,000,000 to < S$1,500,000

S$2,500 + S$300 (Direct clients) = S$2,800

≥ S$1,500,000

S$2,800 + S$300 (Direct clients) = S$3,100


1- Refer to table under ‘Refinancing Cash Rebates’ for qualifying loan amounts

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How to Apply

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