Important Notices

PRC Investment Restrictions on Asian Pay Television Trust

At the date of the prospectus, the cable TV industry is not on the list of sectors in which PRC Persons may invest in Taiwan. As such, People's Republic of China (''PRC'') Persons are not allowed to buy/own Units of APTT. TAKE NOTICE that in the case of a breach of restrictions, the Trustee-Manager has the power to arrange for the sale of the Units. This may lead to an investment loss to the PRC Persons who shall be solely responsible for the loss.

For the purposes of the PRC Investment Restrictions, a corporate entity registered outside the PRC would be considered a PRC corporate entity if 30.0% or more of its equity interest or its actual control is directly or indirectly held by a PRC individual or entity/organisation/institution.

PRC Persons are advised to seek their own independent legal advice before investing in Taiwan and/or Units of APTT

Please visit Link for Prospectus.

DBS Vickers Online
01 June 2014