Macro Insights Portal

Macro Insights Portal

Macro Insights Portal

At a glance

Welcome to the DBS Macro Insights portal! This site has been designed to provide investors with the very best in macro insights, coded for web-based visualisation by our research economists and strategists.

Navigations tips:
Click on any of the links below, or content tiles back in our landing page, to explore a set of deep analytical insights.

DBS Equilibrium Exchange Rates

The DBS Equilibrium Exchange Rates (DEER) indicate fair values for global currencies relative to a trade-weighted currency basket. On this page, you can track currency valuations; get trade ideas. We provide analytics for 8 major currencies.

DBS Aggregate Credit Spread

DBS Aggregate Credit Spread (DACS) indices show the aggregated z-spread for Asian corporate USD-denominated straight bonds.  Analyse country and sector credit risks through our proprietary spreads tracking model.

GDP Nowcast

GDP Nowcast is best viewed as an estimate of real GDP growth based on available economic data for the current quarter and forecasts of explanatory variables for the remaining term. Using this technique, you can track projected GDP growth rate for China, India, Indonesia and Singapore.

Rates valuations

Rates valuations. Here we provide two sets of visualisations. First, we decompose the key macro drivers of interest rates in three key markets- Singapore, Hong Kong, and the US. In the second set of visualisations, we showcase our Emerging Markets Rates Valuation Indicator, which provides buy/sell/hold signals on a dozen countries' government bonds.

Asset risks dashboard

Asset risks dashboard. In the interactive visualisations on this page, you can toggle across time series representations of risk assessment under each of four key asset classes. Full description of how the composite risk scores are calculated is provided, along with a short commentary on the underlying drivers and developments.

We hope you will benefit from the insights. We appreciate your feedback @Taimur BAIG