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DBS Macro Insights Portal


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Welcome to the DBS Macro Insights portal!

This site has been designed to provide investors with the very best in macro insights through web-based visualisations. Click on any of the content tiles below to explore a set of deep analytical insights.

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Macro Insights Tools
  • DBS Equilibrium Exchange Rates (DEER)

    DBS Equilibrium Exchange Rates (DEER)

    DEER indicate fair values for global currencies relative to a trade-weighted currency basket.

  • DBS Aggregate Credit Spread (DACS)

    DBS Aggregate Credit Spread (DACS)

    DACS indices show the aggregated z-spread for Asian corporate USD-denominated straight bonds.

  • GDP Nowcasts

    GDP Nowcasts

    GDP Nowcast is best viewed as an estimate of real GDP growth based on available economic data.

  • Rates

    Interest Rates Analytics

    Here we provide two sets of visualisations for interest rate related investment and hedging opportunities

  • Risks Dashboard

    Asset Risks Dashboard

    Find out which asset class is under stress and which one is doing fine

Analytics Managers
  • Taimur

    Taimur Baig

    Taimur Baig, Ph.D., heads global economics as well as macro strategy for interest rate, credit, and currency.

  • Chang Wei Liang

    Chang Wei Liang

    Wei Liang is a Macro Strategist covering global FX and credit markets.

  • Daisy Sharma

    Daisy Sharma

    Daisy is the data analytics manager of the Economics and Macro Strategy team.

  • Eugene Leow

    Eugene Leow

    Eugene Leow is responsible for interest rates research.

  • Duncan Tan

    Duncan Tan

    Duncan Tan is in the interest rates research team.

  • Han Teng Chua

    Han Teng Chua

    Han Teng Chua covers ASEAN economics...