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Easy to start

Start a portfolio with just SGD/USD 1,000. Yes, that’s not a typo.

No lock-in period

Withdraw your investment anytime without penalty. Your money is never tied down with digiPortfolio.

Leave it to our experts

You have no time to manage your portfolio. But we do. So let the DBS Investment Team do the monitoring for you. With their deep expertise, your money is in really good hands.

You're safe with DBS

Investing in digiPortfolio is investing directly with DBS. That’s reassuring. And we ensure you have full transparency of your holdings and portfolio performance, just to put your mind at greater ease.

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What is digiPortfolio?

digiPortfolio is a hassle-free, ready-made investment portfolio that offers the perfect match of human expertise and robo-technology. With it, you have an instant, cost-effective way to grow and protect your wealth through regional or global diversification.

Built by human expertise

To create a product unlike others in the market, we tapped our elite team of portfolio managers, whose expertise was previously accessible only to investment sums of S$500,000 and above.

Besides carefully selecting exchange traded funds (ETFs) to create quality portfolios, the team monitors the market regularly, aligning digiPortfolio with our Chief Investment Office’s views to ensure optimal asset allocation and portfolio resilience, and initiating rebalancing whenever necessary.

Powered by robo-technology

Nothing beats the speed of technology. So we use it to your advantage. digiPortfolio is coded to automate processes such as back-testing, rebalancing and monitoring. In doing so, we can deliver scale and efficiency, while giving every investor full transparency of trade activities.

Let us do the work for you

Invest, sleep, repeat. Investing should be that easy.

digiPortfolio is designed for you if you:

  • Want to invest simply and confidently
  • Don't have time to watch the market
  • Want experts to nurture your investment
  • Want a quick and easy way to diversify regionally or globally
  • Want to supplement other investments as part of your long-term strategy


One small fee. Nothing more.

We removed all sales charges, platform fees and switching fees. So all you pay is one small, flat management fee of 0.75% p.a. for the team’s experience and efforts to curate and manage the portfolios.


What portfolios can I choose from?

There are currently two portfolios available:


How are the portfolios constructed and managed?

Every portfolio offered to you has gone through meticulous screening and selection by the DBS Investment Team.

How to get started

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The objective of digiPortfolio is to achieve a return over 3 to 5 years while managing price fluctuations (risk) in the market.

To achieve this, we plan to invest in a portfolio comprising fixed income (bonds) and equity ETFs. Bonds provide steady income streams while equities provide capital growth. We will adjust the weights of either component depending on our view of the market, which is derived together with our Chief Investment Officer (CIO) team—a dedicated group of analysts spearheading our macro strategies.

Many robo-advisors in Singapore are stand-alone fintech companies with limited market capital. They might also be part of the brokerage platforms of banks which are separate from the full suite of banking products and services.

digiPortfolio is created and delivered by DBS, the Safest Bank in Asia and Best Digital Bank Globally. View Awards & Accolades.

DBS also enjoys the highest credit ratings from the three top credit rating agencies in the world. digiPortfolio’s investment process is completely integrated into the bank’s secure systems so you have peace of mind knowing you are not being redirected to a third-party platform to transact. It also means you will enjoy more convenience as your internet banking login details are the only credentials required to start investing.


Important information

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