The Automatic Manager for Productivity Boost

Stacck is a productivity tool for F&B operators that leads to increased efficiency

The Automatic Manager Features

Keeping operational standards high is one of the main challenges when you're running a business and is a key concern for F&B business owners too. Companies often search for ways to increase productivity which will, in turn, lead to a rise in levels of efficiency too.

Stacck is a productivity tool that helps F&B owners, managers and employees to achieve these goals and to be better informed about the business at the same time too. It is a tool that brings discipline and predictability to the processes within an F&B business.

It helps F&B owners to improve customer service, reduce operating costs and increase efficiency; F&B managers to meet deadlines, stay informed and impress your manager; and F&B staff to track tasks, retain employees and manage efficiently. It's an all-encompassing tool for any F&B business that's looking for a smooth operational process and an increase in productivity.

It is the automatic manager that looks after a variety of restaurant operational and communication processes. Stacck works like one of your managers so treat it like one and it will handle routine processes such as new employee onboarding, restaurant audits, sales promotion updates, daily briefings and weekly roster updates. It will also serve as your operations manual in the cloud, which makes it a lot easier to franchise or grow your business internationally.

How exactly does Stacck benefit your F&B business? It achieves operational excellence through efficient communications and increased employee discipline, boosts your revenue by training your staff to sell better, and gets you ready to scale and grow your outlets or even to franchise to other markets.

Stacck establishes a secure network for your employees that separates business and personal communications. Managers are then able to send messages in the form of cards, which allow for polls, questions, feedback and tasks. These cards are streamed to your team's mobile phones, allowing for instant communication.

It allows you to track and monitor employee response times, task completion, customer feedback and attendance. Stacck gives you access to a library of F&B best practices that will allow you to automate your business. From improving customer experience to training to scheduling to auditing, these templates make it easier to run your business and to achieve productivity too.

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