How SMEs can MAX their daily collections

With 3 in 5 consumers in Singapore opting to go cashless, being able to offer digital payments is now an imperative for businesses. What can SMEs do to meet this demand, while optimising efficiencies in their business processes? Learn how DBS enables simpler and quicker payments processing for SF Singapore with its one-stop merchant collection solution, DBS MAX.

Steve Chua on using DBS MAX

“When I turned to my trusted partner, DBS, for help, they introduced a smart digital collection solution to me. DBS MAX seamlessly integrated multiple payment modes with my point-of-sale system. My staff were happy that they could use a single machine instead of juggling multiple devices, and collecting payments became very fast and easy.”

– Steve Chua, Managing Director, SF Food & Beverage Pte Ltd

How DBS supports SF Singapore

  • Enabling more efficient checkouts with QR payments

  • Supports seamless payment processing from PayLah! and PayNow

  • Increasing productivity and time savings with automated accounts reconciliation

Capitalising on going cashless

According to a consumer payment study, close to 60% of Singaporeans have tried going entirely cashless since 2021, with 74% frequently using contactless card payments[1].

For the food and beverage industry, the adoption of digital payment options has been fuelled by consumer demand.

However, making this digital transition was difficult for SF Singapore. “There were many challenges when we started to digitalise our operations and my staff had to handle multiple terminals and devices,” says Mr Steve Chua, Managing Director of SF Food & Beverage Pte Ltd.

For instance, when the business first began to digitalise, many of his stores were manned by one or two staff at any one time. The staff had to manually input orders on multiple devices which did not connect to SF Singapore’s point-of-sale system, which meant that the process was often slow and prone to human error, and a longer waiting time for customers.

To overcome these challenges, Mr Chua sought a digital solution that could improve his payments processing, enhancing the experience for both his staff and customers.

A seamless collection solution to improve business efficiency

With DBS MAX, SF Singapore’s staff is now able to seamlessly collect payments across PayLah! and PayNow through a single point-of-sale system by scanning a dynamic QR code.

This has made business operations much more efficient. The time saved processing each sale is now used to prepare more orders, ensure the freshest fruits and juices are served, and allow staff to serve more customers and shorten wait times.

In addition, DBS MAX provides automated account reconciliation, reducing the time needed for administrative work and increasing staff productivity.

Let DBS digibanking solutions help maximise your business growth.

DBS digibanking solutions offer business owners the tools they need to embrace digital transformation and drive future business success. Get started with DBS MAX here and gain access to greater collections convenience all on a single platform.