Increase Sales by Increasing Customer Engagement

Learn how sporting wear distributor Triple is joining forces with tech startups to help them raise staff competency and drive traffic to their stores.



“How can retailers attract and inspire staff to be good brand ambassadors, yet be prolific in store operations while ensuring a consistent store experience and quality service across all brand stores and distributor outlets in multiple countries?” - Mr Michael Binger

The labour crunch is affecting businesses across many sectors in Singapore. Retailers face an even more daunting challenge in this area, as they require their staff to be competent in retail operations while being passionate about the brands they are selling. For retailers that are expanding, keeping the in-store experience consistent across different markets is yet another challenge.

To help Triple Pte Ltd – the South-east Asia distributor of American athletic-wear brand Under Armour – with its problem of inspiring staff to be good brand ambassadors and work more productively in store operations, Australian startup arcade crafted a solution that used online games and quizzes to keep staff motivated.

The arcade team customised its platform to include a staff-training module, which allowed Triple to upload its existing training videos or product information onto the platform. arcade will also design quizzes with the retailer and make these mandatory as part of the staff orientation programme.

"You can use the quizzes if you have a new product and you want to train staff. You can send it to their email or mobile devices and they can complete it in their own time," said David Cherrie, Head of Sales at arcade.

Retailers can also create a separate account on arcade for brand ambassadors who are passionate about a specific category of merchandise they know and love. These ambassadors can use the arcade platform to earn “expert” badges and unlock rewards and promotions, thereby motivating them to help boost sales.

Meanwhile, local startup Medialogy Lab's solution aimed to help Triple drive more traffic into their stores. It does this by turning outdoor digital signboards in shopping malls and bus stops into interactive touchscreens, allowing for more dynamic content, such as videos and call-to-action “tap zones”.

"If you cannot open a prominent store, how do we bring the brand experience to where the customers are? Our solutions enhance existing digital screens to connect to devices that can pull content such as e-coupons, mobile apps and games," said Medialogy Lab's co-founder Sabrina Tan.

Medialogy Lab created a campaign for Triple called "Conquer All 7", which requires participants to run along Orchard Road and check in at seven of its enhanced screens located at bus shelters using their mobile devices. The last checkpoint is the Under Armour store itself.

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