DBS Visa Platinum Business Card

A business credit card that lets you do business on your own terms

At a Glance
Charge your business expenses to your card to enjoy a host of benefits and privileges.
bill payments

Recurring bill payments

Consolidate bill payments to various suppliers into a single credit card statement

cash flow

Improve cash flow

Pay suppliers on time while extending credit terms up to 55 days at 0% financing cost

Earn 1 DBS point for every $5 charged

Redeem points for vouchers, air miles or 0.4% cash rebate T&Cs apply

Features & Benefits
Travel Accident Insurance

Complimentary travel accident insurance

Up to S$1 million per cardholder when the full airfare is charged to the card

Complimentary annual coverage of employee misuse

Complimentary annual coverage of employee misuse

Up to US$ 25,000 per cardholder and US$ 1.65 million per company



Apply now and spend S$2,000 in the first month to earn up to 5% rebate. 

Terms & Conditions apply*

Eligibility & Fees

Annual fee

S$192.60 (Inclusive of GST) per year

Fee waiver

1 year


S$30,000 and above per annum

Late payment fee per account

S$45 per card account

Returned cheque / GIRO payment

S$20 for every returned cheque or GIRO payment

Statement retrieval

S$5.35 (Inclusive of GST) per statement beyond the current 3 months

Merchant sales draft retrieval

S$5.35 (Inclusive of GST) per copy

Lost / Stolen Card Replacement

S$21.40 (Inclusive of GST) for each Platinum Business Credit Card

How to Apply
or call us at 1800 222 2200
Can I use my card as soon as I receive it?

All issued cards need to be activated before they can be used. Activate your new Card via SMS or DBS iBanking, or complete the activation slip and email it to comcards@dbs.com.

Can I choose to receive electronic statements?

Yes, you may choose to receive e-statements via DBS iBanking.

How is the card limit assigned to my employees?

Once you have received your company credit limit, you can allocate a limit to each cardholder based on their usage requirements.