EZ-Pay Corporate

Charge all ERP fees to your credit card

EZ-Pay Corporate

Charge all ERP fees to your credit card

At a Glance
EZ-Pay Corporate account lets you charge your ERP fees directly to your DBS Commercial Cards
credit card

Credit not cash

Pay for your ERP fees with a credit card, not cashcard

orange atm card icon


Consolidate all ERP fees on one card


Better control

Keep track of your transactions with online reports

Features & Benefits
two orange dollar coins icon

Waiver of registration and administrative fees

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Consolidated ERP fees in a single payment

orange folder with files icon

Ease of claims with scheduled reports from EZ-Link

orange hand holding onto atm card icon

Hassle-free and ease of mind. Don’t worry about the insufficient value in your cashcard or forgetting to slot it into the IU

How it Works
  • EZ-Link will consolidate the ERP fees of all your registered vehicles.

  • You’ll receive an account statement in a weekly/monthly report.

  • EZ-Pay Corporate is valid for all ERP gantries and selected carpark gantries.

EZ-Pay Corporate is a service offered by EZ-Link Pte Ltd (UEN no. 200200086M) ("EZ-Link") and is subject to EZ-Link's terms of use. DBS Bank Ltd is not responsible for this service.

How to Apply

Step 1: Apply for a DBS Commercial Card.

Step 2: Register for EZ-Pay Corporate.

Step 3: Wait for confirmation from EZ-Link.

Step 4: Drive hassle-free through ERP gantries!

What are the benefits of EZ-Pay?
  • It’s absolutely free. There’s no monthly subscription fee.
  • One DBS Commercial Card can link to multiple vehicles depending on the credit limit.
  • Postpaid scheme. So you pay as you use.
  • No more paying of ERP Admin Fee due to insufficient funds.
  • No more manual top-ups.
What if my stored value card is in the IU when I pass the gantry?

If it happens, the ERP fees will be deducted from the stored value card. If there is insufficient value, the full ERP amount will then be deducted from your EZ-Pay account. Likewise for no stored value card in the IU.

What are the charges for using EZ-Pay Corporate?

There is no monthly subscription or convenience fee to use this account.

How many vehicles can I register for this service?

You can link multiple vehicles to your DBS Commercial Credit Card. Up to the credit limit based on your credit assessment. And up to 1000 vehicles per day.

Who should I tell if there’s a change in my card number?

You will need to reapply for EZ-Pay by contacting your DBS Relationship Manager. The application processing will take about 14 working days.

What if I change my license plate or IU number?

Contact the EZ-Link representative, [email protected] to update your vehicle information. Your EZ-Pay service will not be affected.

What if there is an issue with ERP deductions?

Please contact the EZ-Link representative, [email protected]

Will there be any charges for using the service?

There is no card fee for using the service.

What if I have exceeded my credit limit?

Let us know if you want to increase your credit limit increase so that EZ-Link can post transactions successfully. If it’s not done in time, EZ-Link will contact you to recover the outstanding amount. You can pay by cheque or account transfer. Service will not be disrupted.

How do I terminate one or some of my vehicles?

You will need to contact EZ-Link. Allow 5 working days for changes to take effect.

How do I terminate my account?

You will need to contact EZ-Link to terminate your account. Allow 5 working days for termination to take effect.

When will the ERP charges be reflected in my card statement?

It depends on your card type and billing cycle. For example, if EZ-Link posts the ERP charges to DBS on 23 Jan and your card cycle is on 22 Jan, you will only receive the Jan ERP charges on 22 Feb.

When can I start using EZ-Pay?

The application process will take up 4 to 5 weeks.  EZ-Pay Corporate is service offered by EZ-Link Pte Ltd (UEN no. 200200086M) ("EZ-Link") and is subject to EZ-Link’s terms of use. DBS Bank Ltd is not responsible for this service.