Effective 1st May 2017, we will be applying an Additional Handling Fee of S$15 for all OTTs submitted via branch counters, faxes and other manual channels. This additional fee is introduced to offset the increased operating costs associated with processing manual transactions and will appear together with Cable Charges.

The charges for OTTs via electronic channels remain unchanged.

Revised Charges

The revised charges for OTT are as follows:

  Electronic Channels Manual Channels
Handling Commission 1/8% (min S$10 max S$120) 1/8% (min S$10 max S$120)
Commission in-lieu of exchange 1/8% (min S$10 max S$120) 1/8% (min S$10 max S$120)
Cable Charges S$20 S$35
Agent Bank Charges Where applicable Where applicable
Pay through IDEAL

We encourage you to use IDEAL, our electronic banking platform for submitting all payment instructions. In addition to being lower-priced, IDEAL also offers benefits such as:

  • Superior cut off time, quick turnaround time, transparency and advising

  • Greater accessibility and enhanced security

  • Greater convenience and ease of reconciliation of your payment instructions

  • Alerts and reminders of all your banking activities

  • A customisable dashboard to view all your important banking information at a glance

Learn more about IDEAL

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