Terms and Conditions Governing sign up & subscription to DBS Startup Unleashed toolkit (the “Toolkit”)

Terms and Conditions

Submission of interest to sign up for DBS StartUp Unleashed toolkit constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (as may be amended, supplemented, substituted and/or replaced by DBS Bank Ltd (the “Bank”) from time to time).

  1. The period for submission of interest to sign up for the Toolkit will run until such a period as determined by the Bank.
  2. Each application for the Toolkit is subject to the Bank's discretion and approval.
  3. You agree to provide the Bank such information it may request from time to time for the purposes of determining your eligibility for the Toolkit and maintaining the availability of the Toolkit.
  4. The Toolkit is only available for application by applicants who satisfy the following eligibility requirements:
    1. new corporate customers of the Bank;
    2. being less than 2 years in business; and
    3. having business operations in the Software, Internet or Emerging Technology industries.
    Upon receipt of your submission of interest, the Bank will conduct an initial assessment of your eligibility. If you are assessed by the Bank to be eligible, the Bank will contact you and invite you to submit a formal application for the Toolkit.
  5. Successful applicants will enjoy the following benefits (the “Benefits”), subject to your acceptance of the relevant terms and conditions as may be required by the Bank:
    1. waiver of minimum balance requirement, fall below fee and annual account fee for Corporate Multi-Currency Account (“Eligible Account”)
    2. one debit card with no annual fee
    3. waiver of charges for inward telegraphic transfers, flat charges of S$18 for outward telegraphic transfers applies
    4. telegraphic transfer status tracking powered by Swift GPI in IDEAL
    5. RAPID consultation with DBS digital solution experts
    6. free 18 months subscription for Financio (online accounting software) and DBS Max (digital payments and collections system with no set up fee)
    7. priority consideration for the DBS Startup Xchange programme
    8. free DBS BusinessClass membership
    9. waiver of charges for GIRO transactions
  6. An applicant is only limited to one application for one Eligible Account only. Where a successful applicant has more than 1 Eligible Account opened, the Benefits will apply to the first account opened or as selected by the Bank at the its discretion.
  7. Except for DBS BusinessClass membership, all other Benefits will expire 2 years from the date of account opening (“Toolkit period”).
  8. Notwithstanding the above, the Bank may (i) vary the terms and conditions, structure of, or the Benefits (including the eligibility requirements of an applicant), (ii) discontinue this Toolkit at any time and/or (iii) remove any successfully subscribed customer from the Toolkit at its discretion without any notice or liability to any party.
  9. The Bank’s decision on all matters relating to the Toolkit shall be final. No correspondence or claims will be entertained.
  10. If an account holder closes its Eligible Account with the Bank during the Toolkit period, the Bank shall be entitled to cancel the Benefits availed to the customer.
  11. The Bank’s Terms and Conditions Governing Accounts (Applicable to Businesses/Non-Individuals) and Terms and Conditions governing services linked to the Accounts shall continue to apply.
  12. By submitting an interest to sign up for the Toolkit, each applicant confirms that it is lawfully providing the data for the Bank to use and disclose for the purposes of: (i) providing products or services to the applicant, whether in connection with this Toolkit or otherwise; (ii) meeting the operational, administrative and risk management requirements of DBS Group Holdings Ltd. and its related corporations (“DBS Group”); and (iii) complying with any requirement, as DBS Group reasonably deems necessary, under any law or of any court, government authority or regulator.
  13. These terms and conditions are governed by, and shall be construed in accordance with, the laws of Singapore.