DBS Quick Financing

DBS Quick Finance

The financial power you need, fast.

DBS Quick Finance

The financial power you need, fast.

Overview of DBS Quick Finance

Whether it's an opportunity, or extra cash for the road ahead, this new super charged feature aims to give you the additional financial power you need digitally and instantly. 

DBS Quick Finance enables fast access to financing of up to $300,000 where selected DBS SME customers are pro-actively offered different kinds of access to working capital which includes overdraft and working capital loan. With DBS Quick Finance, the lending process has been reduced to just a minute to apply, a second to approve and in some instances, even instant disbursement. It’s the financial power you need, to act when you need. Fast.

dbs quick finance instant sme loan


Key Benefits

No wait, no hassle, no questions.

  • Say bye to long and strenuous loan application processes. DBS Quick Finance proactive lending is now available for existing customers to enjoy because of their existing relationship with us. No additional paperwork is required because we are more like a business partner and less like a bank.
  • With 1 min to apply, 1 second to approve and in some instances, instant disbursement; you now have more time to strategise and grow your business with the additional working capital you now have.
Tap in cash out

Tap in. Cash out.

  • Because DBS Quick Finance is fully digital, you can also gain access to additional working capital at the comfort of your own office or home by just logging onto IDEAL.  Apply in one seating, directly on your DBS IDEAL app.
How to apply (for eligible customers only)

Step 1: Log into IDEAL

Step 2: Click on the IDEAL Banner

Step 3: View offer

Step 4: Accept the loan offer

Step 5: Sit back, relax and receive the disbursement!

What is DBS Quick Finance?

Seamless, quick and fully digital way for our DBS SME customers to gain access to extra funding for their business

Who is eligible for DBS Quick Finance?
  • Selected customers who have an existing relationship with us
  • Their account details allows us to perform analysis and lend to them intuitively
Where do I see DBS Quick Finance’s loan offer in IDEAL?

There will be a banner on your IDEAL dashboard where you can select to check your eligibility for the loan

How can I apply for DBS Quick finance?
  1. Simply log into your IDEAL account
  2. Click on the Quick Finance banner and provide your consent for us to get your Credit Bureau records
  3. View the offer, apply and accept it!

Note that only selected customers and authorised IDEAL users will be able to see the banner