Eco Renovate Loan

Eco Renovate Loan

Build a more eco-friendly future for your business

Eco Renovate Loan

Build a more eco-friendly future for your business

At a Glance

To support you in creating an environmentally friendly business environment, our Eco Renovate Loan provides simplified and easy access to financing of renovation works which incorporates sustainable materials, fixtures or equipment. ​

Features & Benefits​
  • Enjoy preferential interest rates if your business incorporates environmentally friendly features​
  • Long repayment period of up to 5* years​
  • High financing quantum of up to 100% of your business renovation cost​

*Up to 5 years to repay for secured, and up to 4 years for unsecured Eco Renovate Loan 

Eligibility Criteria​

SMEs with eligible environmentally friendly renovation activities for Singapore non-residential properties can qualify for the Eco Renovate Loan. Examples of environmentally friendly renovation activities include, but are not limited to: ​

  1. Indoor air quality: certified low or no VOC paints, non-toxic flooring etc​
  2. Lighting: energy efficient LED lighting etc​
  3. Thermal & Acoustic Comfort: Solar film, double glazed window etc​
  4. Green Energy & Electrification: Solar panels, EV charger, Smart meters etc​
  5. Waste and wastewater Treatment: Wastewater treatment & reuse system etc​
  6. Others: Rainwater collection system, products and materials bearing the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) logo etc
What kind of property is eligible for the Eco Renovate Loan?​

All completed non-residential properties in Singapore are eligible for the loan​.

How do I know if my renovation work qualifies for the Eco Renovate Loan?​

Upon application, we will share with you a checklist of pre-qualified environmentally friendly materials, fixtures and equipment that is eligible for the Eco Renovate Loan.

Can I use the loan to finance non-environmentally friendly renovation work?​

No. This financing is strictly to help SMEs achieve their sustainability goals.​

What if my renovation items comprises both environmentally friendly and non-environmentally friendly components?​

The renovation items will be segregated into environmentally friendly and non-environmentally friendly components and the financing will be structured accordingly.​