venture debt

Venture Debt Financing

Complement venture capital raised for tech start-ups

Venture Debt Financing

Complement venture capital raised for tech start-ups

At a Glance
For growth stage tech start-ups backed by venture capital investors. Venture Debt Financing (VDF) helps to:
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Minimise shareholding dilution


Lower the overall cost of financing


Speed up growth initiatives

Features & Benefits

Access DBS cross-border network


Work with seasoned venture professionals


Achieve balance between dilution and flexibility


Extend cash runway

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Enhance equity returns

How it Works

venture debt financing



Tech start-ups must:

  • be strongly backed by a DBS partner venture capitalist
  • have raised at least S$3 million of equity funding from institutional investors
  • demonstrate that their business model is commercially viable
How to Apply
Arrange for our Venture Debt Financing team to call you.
What is a tech start-up?

Tech start-ups are defined as innovation-driven enterprises with cutting-edge technology and a disruptive business model targeting a high-growth market segment.

What is the typical debt-to-equity ratio for start-ups?

Venture debt is usually 10% to 30% of the total venture capital raised in the latest equity round.

Is this financing available to foreign entities?

Venture Debt financing is only open to registered entities in Singapore or within our DBS markets.

Are there products without venture capital investment?

Yes, we offer various types of financing products including government-assisted loan schemes such as SME Working Capital Loan.

Client Testimonials
aCommerce logo

"aCommerce has a great working relationship with the DBS Venture Debt team and we are very pleased to have them as a supporter of the aCommerce growth story. The team invested time to understand our complex business, including visiting our local operations and have used the DBS network to make introductions to expand our customer base and meet other businesses to assist our platform development."

Piers Bennett, Group Chief Financial Officer logo

"The team at DBS has been very start-up friendly and unlike conventional lenders, the team understands the business and challenges for new age companies such as Circles. The DBS team has time and again responded swiftly and provided timely capital which has helped Circles in its international expansion. DBS has supported us not just on financing solutions but also on treasury and the latest digital banking solutions. We will continue to deepen our relationship with DBS and partner with them in our mission to give back power to the customers."

Eduardo Sarian, Head of Business Finance

Love, Bonito logo

“Love, Bonito has a strong and collaborative relationship with DBS, that has further tightened over the last year. We received DBS’ Venture Debt financing through our growth stage and as a client today, what we really appreciate is the holistic and integrated support and advisory the team provides as a strategic financial partner. This coupled with the DBS team’s initiative, ownership and work ethic, make them a partner we look forward to working even more closely in the years to come as we further expand our footprint globally.”

Dione Song, Chief Commercial Officer