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Venture Debt Financing

Complement the venture capital raised by your growth stage tech start-up with DBS Venture Debt Financing programme.

Fuel the growth of your tech start-up with minimal equity dilution and optimise your capital structure with DBS Venture Debt Financing. Growth stage tech start-ups with a proven business model, and backed by DBS partner venture capitalists can now apply for DBS Venture Debt Financing for working capital, fixed assets acquisition and even project financing. As one of the first banks in Singapore to offer venture debt as an alternative capital-raising option, growth stage tech start-ups can now use venture debt to complement venture capital, and buy more time and flexibility for their businesses to hit key development milestones, which can potentially increase their company valuations.

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Why choose DBS Venture Debt Financing?

  • Achieve a more balanced and less costly capital structure with little or no equity dilution
  • Free up venture capital for research & development, talent employment and marketing
  • Extend equity runway to reach key inflection points and reach valuations at a more sustainable pace
  • Complement Venture Debt with a suite of other services to support you through the various stages of your business, from cash, payment to IPO or acquisition
  • Link directly to investors, venture capitalists and fellow entrepreneurs for advice and exclusive networking events via the DBS BusinessClass App


What is a tech start-up?
Tech start-ups are defined as innovation-driven enterprises with cutting-edge technology and a disruptive business model targeting at a high-growth market segment.
What is the eligibility criteria?
To qualify, tech start-ups must be strongly backed by DBS’ partner venture capitalists. They should have raised at least SGD 1 million of Series A funding, be incorporated for at least two years, be in operation for at least one year and have demonstrated that their business model is commercially viable.
What is the typical debt to equity ratio for tech start-ups?
Venture debt is usually 10% to 30% of the total venture capital raised in Series A or Series B investment.
Is the DBS Venture Debt Financing programme open to foreign entities?
DBS Venture Debt Financing is currently only open to Singapore registered entities with primary operations in Singapore.
Are there any other types of financing available for start-ups without venture capital investment?
Yes, we offer various types of financing products including government-assisted loan schemes such as Micro Loan and Local Enterprise Finance Scheme.


How do I apply?

We work with our partner Venture Capitalists to assess the needs of their portfolio companies.

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How do I find out more?

For more information, please follow the “DBS VentureDebt” topic on the DBS BusinessClass App. Through the DBS BusinessClass App, entrepreneurs can consult and connect with industry experts, investors and fellow entrepreneurs. DBS BusinessClass members can also access news and articles on topics pertinent to starting and running their businesses and attend exclusive networking events.

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DBS Venture Debt Financing
DBS Venture Debt Financing

To find out more about DBS Venture Debt Financing, please follow the topic on DBS BusinessClass App.

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