All you need to know about InvoiceNow
(Peppol e-invoicing)

Register now and receive S$200*

All you need to know about InvoiceNow
(Peppol e-invoicing)

Register now and receive S$200*

What is Peppol

Launched in 2019 by IMDA, Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) is an international e-document delivery network that allows enterprises to digitally transact with one another. InvoiceNow (formerly known as Peppol e-invoicing) is a nationwide e-invoicing method that enables the direct transmission of invoices in a structured digital format across different finance systems.

These e-invoices are generated, transmitted and processed digitally with little to no manual processing. You can send and receive e-invoices by registering on Peppol network through the certified Access Points.

Register now on the e-invoicing network and receive S$200!*

How it Works


  1. Corporates/Businesses in Singapore can register their UEN with any Peppol service provider
  2. To send an invoice:
    1. Fill up the invoicing details in the form provided by the solution provider.
    2. Enter the UEN of the company you wish to send the invoice to and click send.
  3. To receive an invoice:
    1. Let your suppliers know you are Peppol ready and publish your UEN.
    2. Invoices issued will be directly sent to your address and accessible through the solution that supports e-invoicing.
Features & Benefits
DBS SME Increases Efficiency emblem Increases Efficiency
Reduce duplicate efforts and error-prone manual processes.

DBS SME Faster Payments – Local and International emblem

Faster Payments – Local and International
Standard e-invoice format helps in more efficient validation, processing and payments including from overseas partners using the same network. Studies have shown that e-invoicing improves on-time payment of invoices by 45% - 92%!
DBS SME Reduce Operating Cost emblem
Reduce Operating Cost
Aside to savings from printing and posting invoices, e-invoicing will minimise errors from manual invoice handling and consequent follow-ups. Transcription errors are known to excessively delay processing can cost as much as S$72 to rectify a single invoice.


Be rewarded for sending e-invoices!
Register for e-invoicing and be Peppol ready and receive a one-time payment of S$200*. No application is required for this e-invoicing registration grant. Find out more here.

Read more about e-invoicing and how it can benefit your business here.

*This grant is applicable for businesses which are valid, active and registered in Singapore on or before 25 March 2020.

How to Register

At DBS, we want to make it simple for you to go digital. Here are two ways to get Peppol ready at preferential rates with our partner solutions.

1. Sign up with our online accounting partners

Our Accounting Partners, Financio and Xero, are Peppol ready solution providers. You can register your business on the network through them and start sending or receiving e-invoices. You can also enjoy 6 months free subscription to Xero or 18 months free subscription to Financio when you sign up as part of our Start Digital package*!

Now you can get started on online accounting and InvoiceNow at the same time with our Start Digital bundles - choose your bundle here.

*Start Digital Terms and conditions apply. Promotion is only applicable with a sign up of two Start Digital Solutions.

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Start Digital Online Accounting Partners

Financio logo

Financio is an IRAS compliant cloud-based accounting software that provides real-time reports, automated bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, invoicing-purchasing, cash flow and tax management features. You can also be Peppol ready through Financio. Enjoy 18-months of free subscription when you sign up.


Xero logo

Xero is an easy-to-use online accounting software for SMEs and their accountants, with a dedicated office in Singapore to serve customers. Xero is Peppol ready, compliant with IRAS tax regulations, and connects to 800+ apps across HR/payroll, inventory, point-of-sale and more to suit your business needs. Get 6-months of free subscription when you sign up.


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2. Sign up with our preferred Peppol Access Point providers

Using an existing online accounting software that’s not Peppol ready? You can still register to be on the network through our Access Point providers, DataPost and SESAMi.

What’s more, enjoy 1 year free* e-invoicing and subsidised rates thereafter. To find out more or to submit your interest, click on the logos below to get started.

*Terms and conditions from the respective Access Point providers apply.

Access Point Providers

Sesami logo

About SESAMi:

SESAMi is Singapore’s e-marketplace that processes S$12 billion bids annually and is the appointed receiver of AGD e-invoices (Accountant General’s Department). Join SESAMi’s e-marketplace and you will be alerted to Tender/RFx opportunities matching your business profile. You can also apply for easy funding using SESAMi’s digital platform that allows you to securely access your records anywhere with any devices providing 3 years history. Click on the logo to sign up now.

Subscription fee of $7 per month will be charged after the first year.


Datapost logo

About Datapost:

Datapost has 26 years of long standing experience in secured data handling in the region. DataPost serves Banks, Insurance companies, Government, Telcos with solutions that encompass security, reliability and timeliness. It is also one of the Peppol Access Point solution providers in Singapore, with strong track record, experience, and a large customer base. Click on the logo to sign up now and enter the promo code “DBSPEPPOL” to enjoy preferential pricing.

Subscription fee of $5 per month will be charged after the first year.

Is the Peppol network safe?

Peppol is an international e-invoicing network that allows you to safely send e-invoices to companies and governments worldwide via the Access Points.

PEPPOL network safety infographic

If my customer is not registered on Peppol , can I still send e-invoices to them?

To send or receive e-invoices, both parties will need to be on the Peppol network with a valid Peppol ID. You can request your customer to register themselves to Peppol network via an Access Point provider / platforms that are Peppol ready.

Can e-invoices be transacted between the different ERP/ Accounting platforms?

E-invoices can be transacted between all the platforms which are Peppol ready i.e. connected to Peppol network via the Peppol Access Points.

How to ensure that the person registering on Peppol on behalf of the organisation is an authorised person?

IMDA recommends the business owner to submit for the registration, and he or she must consent to terms and conditions of using the e-invoices.

I am already registered with one Peppol Access Point. Can I register with the other?

You can register your business UEN with only one Peppol Access Point at one point in time. In case you would like to register for another Peppol Access Point, you will need to write in to  the existing Access Point to de-register for the Peppol services. Once you are de-registered from one Access Point, you can subscribe to another Access Point.

We have different suppliers on different platforms. How does Peppol e-invoicing works?

Though the suppliers are on different platforms, they will have only 1 Peppol ID which will tie to their UEN and hence you can send the invoice to any platform/ software as long as it is Peppol ready.

Is this e-invoice initiative meant for SMEs only?

The initiative is meant for all the businesses in Singapore for sending and receiving the e-invoices. As long as the business has a UEN, they can use e-invoicing.

Are there any other countries in Southeast Asia which have adopted e-Invoicing?

Countries that have adopted Peppol as their standard are listed on the OpenPEPPOL website.

Enter here to view the full list.

Do I need to pay extra on top of the Financio and Xero subscription fees for InvoiceNow?

No. E-invoicing charges are included in the subscription fees.