DBS InvoiceNow

Enjoy seamless e-invoicing and quicker payments!

DBS InvoiceNow

Enjoy seamless e-invoicing and quicker payments!

At a Glance

InvoiceNow is a nationwide e-invoicing method that enables the direct transmission of invoices in a structured format across finance systems. The e-invoices are sent via the Peppol (Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line) international network.

Features & Benefits

Increase Efficiencies

E-invoices are generated, transmitted and processed digitally via DBS IDEAL. Reduce duplicate efforts and error-prone manual processes as you can send and receive e-invoices through one platform. 


Faster Payments (Local and International)

A standardised e-invoice format results in faster validation, processing and payment time. You can send and receive e-payments including PayNow Corporate via DBS IDEAL with no additional transaction cost^.


Reduce Operating Costs

Aside from saving on manpower and printing costs, e-invoicing reduces storage and retrieval costs. DBS InvoiceNow also allows you to generate, send and receive e-invoices for free^.


Go Green

E-invoicing reduces the use of paper and contributes to improving climate issues.

What are the costs involved to apply and use DBS InvoiceNow?

No application and usage cost will be incurred.

How is InvoiceNow different from my existing invoicing method?

Currently, your invoices could be in a hard copy document or PDF format that you send and receive via email or postal service. Manual processing is required by both parties to input the invoice details in your respective systems, this is time consuming and may result in human error. InvoiceNow reduces manual work and is a safer method of invoice exchange as an e-invoice is encrypted and sent directly via the Peppol network to the recipient's InvoiceNow approved system.

When can I start using DBS InvoiceNow?

You will have access to e-invoicing via IDEAL and you will be notified via email prior to the feature going live.

Who can apply for DBS InvoiceNow?

Any company authorised personnel can apply on behalf of the company. (e.g. Business Owner, Director)

I am already registered with one Peppol Access Point. Can I register with the other?

You can only be registered with one Peppol Access Point provider at any one time. If you like to register with another Peppol Access Point provider, you will need to de-register with your existing Access Point provider before registering with your preferred Access Point provider.

If my customer is not registered on Peppol, can I still send e-invoices to them?

To send or receive e-invoices, both parties will need to be on the Peppol network with a valid Peppol ID. You can request your customer to register themselves to Peppol network via an Access Point provider / platforms that are Peppol ready.

We have different suppliers on different platforms. How does Peppol e-invoicing work?

Every entity registered on the Peppol e-invoicing network will have a unique Peppol ID which is tied to their UEN, regardless of which Access Point or platform they use. You can therefore send an invoice to any of your suppliers as long as their platform is Peppol-ready and they have registered for e-invoicing.