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Protect your business assets against the complexity of cyber threats.


A Complete Risk Solution

Over 15 years of experience in cyber risk
Chubb’s dedicated cyber teams in Asia, Europe and the US can look back to over 15 years of local underwriting experience and claims handling. With this international expertise under our belt, we are well-prepared to understand and respond to the current and future cyber risk challenges that our customers may face.

Moving beyond insurance to enterprise risk management
Our local underwriters and risk specialists support our customers by helping them to understand what leads to cyber incidents and how to prevent them before a policy incepts. In the case of a cyber incident, they can provide immediate advice on the right steps to take to minimise losses and manage reputation. We’re proud of our role in helping to move the insurance market beyond a simple policy to a complete loss control and risk management solution.

Tailor-made solutions
When it comes to cyber, we know that every company’s risk profile is different and that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Our team of cyber underwriters, risk engineers and carefully selected expert partners work together and take time to understand our customers and provide tailor-made solutions to suit their needs.span>

Our best-in-class offering

  • Measurement in the underwriting phase to help customers assess risks and position coverage more effectively
  • Assistance through vendors to provide enhanced risk management during the policy period
  • Dedicated 24/7 incident response teams to assist in a crisis due to a covered cyber incident
  • Simplified policy language and structure with end-to-end solutions, all backed up by a diversified AA+ rating global insurer

Emerging risk no.1: Technology risk
According to our Emerging Risks Barometer 2015, with 500 respondents in 25 countries, 43 % of risk experts consider technology risk as one of their greatest concerns. They also indicated that it consumes more time and resources than any other emerging risk, and that they expect it to have the greatest financial impact on their business.

Technology plays a role in almost every business’s strategic planning – whether in the development of new services or products or as an enabler of operational effectiveness. When it comes to technology risk management, however, the research suggests that companies may not be focusing on the right areas, due to a lack of knowledge about the most likely sources of threat.

The following aspects of Technology Risk are of greatest concern to risk experts



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