Import Financing

Finance your purchases and take ownership earlier

Import Financing

Finance your purchases and take ownership earlier

At a Glance
Free up your cash flow with our Import Financing solutions so you can focus on growing your business.

Personalised to you

Customised solutions are available depending on your trade cycle

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Import Financing solutions fund the purchase of your goods

Quick ownership icon

Quick ownership

We pay your seller first so you can take possession of your goods earlier

Features & Benefits
Customisable Import Financing facilities icon

Customisable Import Financing facilities

Structure them around your trade cycle to meet your business needs

Reduce your wait time icon

Reduce your wait time

Submit applications or provide settlement instructions via our online banking platform, DBS IDEAL

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Stay in the know

Learn immediately when your loan is disbursed with our DBS IDEAL service

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Save money

Reduce costs with our competitive financing rates


Please refer to the Trade Pricing Guide.

How to Apply
  1. A credit facility with DBS is required before we can finance your purchase
  2. Contact 1800 222 2200 to enquire about the process of setting up a credit facility
Can I apply for Import Financing if I do not have a credit facility with DBS?

No, you must have a credit facility with DBS before we can finance your purchases. Please contact us if you require one.

Will DBS remind me when my loan is due?

No. The amount due will be automatically debited from your account on the due date.  Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account.

Can I ask for an extension on the due date?

Yes, however, this is subject to approval. The loan period must not exceed the maximum period granted in the letter of offer.

Can I repay the loan before the due date?

Yes, however, you will be subject to a fee. Please contact us to find out more.

What foreign exchange rates will be used for the settlement?

From 1 May 2016, we will use our prevailing foreign exchange rates for the settlement of your Trade Financing. If it is less than S$200,000 or the equivalent on the due date. Refer to Rates Online for our prevailing rates. If you have an FX contract, please let us know latest by 2pm on the due date. Should you required an FX contract, you may book via FX Online.

Client Testimonial
Mr. Jonathan Juay, Director, Transition Systems Pte Ltd

"DBS came up with trade financing and project financing packages over 2 or 3 years for some of the key projects, which really helped us maintain our growth."

Mr Jonathon Juay, Director, Transition Systems Pte Ltd