digibank Application

You are applying for DBS digibank

Banking online can be safe as long as you stay vigilant and proactively  safeguard your information. Upon sign-up of digibank, you will also be able to enjoy our full suite of digital service, including eStatements and PayLah!. Learn More


  • Above 16 years of age.
  • At least a DBS/POSB Credit Card or a personal/joint Current, Savings account OR
  • Have Singpass (for new to DBS customer only)

How to Apply

For new to DBS customer:

You can register for digibank using Myinfo with Singpass on the DBS digibank app.​

Foreigners will need to upload these required required documents to open an account.

For existing DBS customer:

You can register for digibank through Online or via DBS digibank App using your :

  • ATM/Debit/Credit Card and PIN
  • Singpass Face Verification* (For Singaporeans and PRs)

*Available on digibank mobile app only.