Frequently Asked Questions – Overlimit Suspension

1. Why is my account(s) suspended?

As your total outstanding balance exceeds the max total credit limit allowed, hence your account(s) has been suspended.

2. How is the total outstanding balance derived?

The total outstanding balance is the sum of all your outstanding balances including unposted outstanding instalment balances, on your:

  • DBS credit cards; and/or
  • DBS unsecured facilities (e.g. Cashline, MoneyLine, POSB Loan Assist)
3. My account has been suspended, what should I do to reinstate my account?

The suspension will be auto uplifted when your outstanding balance is below 95% of the maximum total credit limit allowed. You may:

  • Make payment to reduce your outstanding balance to be within the maximum total credit limit allowed; and/or
  • Provide us with your latest income document via to facilitate an accurate assessment of your new maximum total credit limit.
4. How will my credit limit be apportioned after I have paydown the outstanding amount?

Your new credit limit split will be apportioned at the bank’s discretion, taking into consideration the outstanding balance of the various facilities.

5. If my credit card limit has been adjusted, will my supplementary card(s) be affected?

Yes, your supplementary card(s)’ credit limit will also be adjusted accordingly; unless your supplementary card(s) has an existing limit that is lower than the revised credit limit.

6. Will this suspension affect my Credit Bureau record?

If your account is suspended due to your total outstanding balance exceeding the maximum total credit limit allowed, your credit bureau record will not be affected.

7. Can the Bank reduce the credit limit of my accounts without prior notice?

Yes, the Bank has the prerogative to review and revise the credit limit of our customers. This is in accordance with clause 2.1 and/or clause 5.1 of the DBS Card Agreement and/or clause 3.5 of the DBS Cashline Terms and Conditions (included below for your easy reference).

Excerpt from the DBS Card Agreement:
2.1. CHARGES NOT TO EXCEED OVERALL CREDIT LIMIT We may set an overall credit limit in respect of each Card Account. The total charges incurred under each Card Account by the Principal Cardholder and the Supplementary Cardholder(s) when added together, must not exceed the credit limit set for each Card Account. We may, where necessary, review any of your credit limits without notice.

We may suspend or terminate your Card Account(s) at any time without having to give any reasons or notice.

Excerpt from the DBS Cashline Terms and Conditions
3.5. We shall be entitled at any time, without prior notice to you, to vary the credit limit set in relation to the Cashline account and/or review, vary, supplement, suspend, withdraw and/or cancel any of the Facilities or Electronic Service or other services made available to you. You agree that we shall not be liable for any losses, damages, expenses or costs incurred or suffered by you in connection with such review, variation, supplement, suspension, withdrawal and/or cancellation.

8. What will happen to my existing Instalment Plans/Balance Transfers/My Preferred Payment Plans?

There will be no impact to your existing Instalment Plans/Balance Transfers/My Preferred Payment Plans.