Set up Recurring Funds Transfer to an Overseas Account

Set up recurring overseas funds transfer instantly via digibank.

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Important information

  • Overseas Funds Transfer will generally be completed within 2 to 4 working days. DBS Remit will be same day transfers to selected markets within the cut-off times.
  • Funds will only be deducted from your selected bank account on the date of transfer.
  • Recurring Overseas Funds Transfers that fall over the weekend or public holidays of Singapore will only be sent out by DBS on the next business day.
  • Learn more about Timing and Limits for Overseas Funds Transfer.

How to set up Set up Recurring Funds Transfer to an Overseas Account

There are various channels which you may set up recurring funds transfer to an overseas account with us. The most convenient method would be via digibank mobile.

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Step 1
Log in to digibank mobile with your Touch / Face ID or digibank User ID & PIN.
Step 2
Tap on Pay & Transfer followed by the Overseas icon.
Step 3
Tap on Recurring, and select Add Recurring Transfer.
Step 4
Select the Fund Source you wish to transfer from, select Recipient, enter the Amount you wish to transfer and tap on Set Recurring.
(If the your intended recipient is not in your recipients list, follow the steps in Add Overseas Funds Transfer Recipient).
Step 5
Select Start on to specify the date of your transfer and tap Confirm.
Step 6
Select Frequency to indicate if you’re setting up a One-time, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, or Yearly recurring transfer.
Step 7
Select End Date to indicate if you’d like the recurring transfer to be Ongoing or Set an end date.
Step 8
Select Purpose of Transfer and tap Next.
Step 9
Review the details and tap Confirm to complete the setup.
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  • Make an overseas transfer to your overseas recipient via digibank online.
  • Click Yes on the Completion page of your current transfer to set it as a recurring overseas transfer.

  • Select the Frequency of your recurring transfer to the same recipient of the same amount.

  • Complete and confirm your recurring payment set-up.

  • If you wish amend your recurring transfer, you need to use digibank mobile. Learn more.
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