Replace Credit/Debit/ATM Card

Holding on to a damaged, worn out or lost your card? Request for a card replacement instantly using our self-service options.

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Important information

  • Please ensure that your address is updated before requesting for a card replacement. Need to update your address? Learn More.
  • Take note of these information for card replacement.

How to Replace Credit/Debit/ATM Card

Replace your new card easily via digibank mobile.

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Step 1
Log in to digibank mobile and tap More.
Step 2
Under "Manage Card & Loans", select Replace/Block Card.
Step 3
Select the Reason for Replacement.
Step 4
Select the card to be replaced.
Step 5
Review your request and tap Replace Card.
Step 6
Your new card will be sent to you within 5 working days.
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More information

  • You will receive your replacement Card* & PIN (if any) separately within 5 working days from the requested date.
    • For activation of Renewal Card or Damaged Card Replacement, please use the same PIN as your previous card, or the PIN you have created upon online application.
    • If you have received a PIN mailer, enter your PIN accordingly.
    • If you did not receive a PIN mailer or have forgotten your PIN, you may activate your replacement card and reset your PIN instantly via digibank. Find out how you can Reset Card PIN.
  • A replacement ATM/Debit/Credit Card is mailed to you 2 months prior to its expiry date, if you did not receive or had misplace your replacement card after its expiry date, please perform a manual replacement.
  • Effective 21 April 2017, the POSB GO!, POSB Active, POSB Multitude and DBS MoneySmart Debit Cards will be discontinued. Hence, replacing your POSB Go! card with a PAssion POSB Debit Card will automatically terminate the above mentioned card(s), if any, and the account linkages will be transferred to your new PAssion POSB Debit card.
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