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iCHEF allows your business to run easily and smoothly, with an all-encompassing operating system


Service is key when it comes to running an F&B business and, because word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to grow a business, ensuring that your staff gives customers the best service should be a key priority. iCHEF makes it easy for waiters to do their job and they'll be able to do everything, from anywhere, with anyone, just through a single app.

From table arrangement to order customisation to splitting the bills, iCHEF saves waiters from making mistakes as it does all the work for them – and accurately too. As a result, staff perform better and will have more time to pay attention to customers.

“At iCHEF, we want to make opening a restaurant a better business,” explains Jay Teo, country manager (Singapore). “iCHEF is an iPad F&B operating system that covers from wait line to tax reporting. Everything is synchronised and can be used on multiple iPads, on the same app.

“We believe that technology should help the restaurant business, not be an obstacle. So iCHEF works with more than 1,500 restaurant owners across Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the Philippines to create the best restaurant operating system.”

The benefits of using iCHEF include saving 20% manpower in the front of house service, improving each employee's efficiency by 30%, providing real-time remote access to F&B owners, and obtaining sales analytics and business health reports. All you'll have to do to set this up is to pay just $99 a month. iCHEF is the most awarded POS design and has won accolades/awards such as the iF Gold Design Award.

When a waiter takes an order in a restaurant, he usually has to write it on a piece of paper, key it in at the counter, then send it to the kitchen. With iCHEF, this is all done through the app, on the iPad, so it saves times as compared to if you had to physically key it in and someone else is placing an order at the same time.

It's also possible to manage service progress through iCHEF, with a clear designation of labour and communications between the serving area and the kitchen. And, when customers opt to split the bill, this can be done easily and in various combinations too, whether it's by the number of bills, the number of people or the order of who leaves the restaurant first.

iCHEF also automatically handles discounts, reducing the chances of human error, and gives businesses tremendous flexibility in arranging promotional activities. You'll also be able to manage your staff – each employee is assigned an online account and their own ID – and control authorisation settings remotely. And, at the end of every day, it's quick and easy to close the restaurant and generate the day's operating report.

Bruno's Bistrot uses iCHEF and its owner, Bruno Soligny, is certainly a fan: “It is definitely faster than taking orders by hand and then re-keying them in at the POS. The good part about it is it’s time-saving.”

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