SG50 SME Hero – Samuel Goh

Samuel Goh, Founder of Baby’s Hyperstore, shares with us why he is The Ultimate Protector.


About the business:

Baby’s Hyperstore started out as a wholesaler of baby prams, stollers and car seats in 2002. It has since grown and currently holds the sole distributorship for premium baby baby brands such as Maxi-cosi, Quinny, Peg-Perego and Maclaren in Southeast Asia and China. The company has expanded out of Singapore and into China and launched its own line of “Umee” baby bottles which are BPA free.


I am very cautious and disciplined. When I was doing business in China, I learnt to be very careful and knew my limits. I tried not to be overly ambitious

The most heroic thing I have ever done is….

Introducing BPA-free products to China in 2005. Back then, there was low awareness about the harmful effects of BPA. Through marketing, I improved product knowledge to my buyers through campaigns.  Today, our BPA-free products are amongst our best sellers in China!

My best superhero trait is…

Flexibility. When our key European partners pulled out of the business, I had to react quickly and brainstorm for new avenues to protect and sustain the business.

My superhero costume will be…

Flexible with ever-changing powers to appeal to the people I’m talking to.

I think protection is very important to a business because…

The Chinese believe that ‘starting a business is easy, but sustaining it is hard’. For your business to succeed, you must protect business interests and that includes prioritizing your well-being and people who work for you.

The DBS SME Bank facility that have helped my business is…

Introducing me to the Universal Life Insurance Policy.  I am convinced that my family, my business and my team must be taken care of in the event that I am not around. It is especially important to be insured as I travel frequently to take care of my businesses in China and Southeast Asia.  Taking up the Universal Life Insurance gives me a peace of mind to know that my business needs are taken care of.

I am a SME Hero today only because…

I feel assured that DBS is supportive of me and that my business assets are protected.  DBS understands my business very well and makes it a point to have a close knitted relationship. They have been very responsive to my needs and the same people have been servicing my accounts for a long time!

My advice to aspiring SME Heroes is…

Don’t be afraid to fail. We will learn our mistakes and not repeat them. Once you have experienced failure, there is nothing left to fear.

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