SG50 SME Hero – Jamie Lim

Jamie Lim, 2nd Generation owner of ScanTeak, shares with us why she is The Marvel Vision.


About the business:

A local furniture brand that started as a mere 400sqft space in 1974, ScanTeak now owns more than 100 retail outlets and flagship stores in Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, Brunei, Japan, Canada and USA.

I am THE MARVEL VISION because...

When I first took over the business from my father 10 years ago, I saw the need to keep up with times. So I revamped everything from the branding to the way the team is structured. Today, ScanTeak has a brand new look with smaller stores than before, but a significantly larger foot print in other parts of the world.

The most heroic thing I have ever done is...

Too many! Most of them include venturing off the beaten tracks in terms of originality and daring to be different. Some that my dad have frowned upon too. For example, I opened stores where our competitors wouldn’t even think of. I changed store layouts, changed the way we did print ads. But I’m happy to say that my efforts have paid off.

My best superhero trait is...

I will have to name two because they go hand in hand. First, the foresight to see the future of the business. And second, the courage to change things and not remain status quo.

My superhero costume will be...

Something yellow (my favourite colour), comfortable and easy to put on. It would be good to fly so I can check all my stores in a day but no cape please! And I will have multi-purpose weapons to reverse bad decisions, freeze time or to save others from mistakes.

I think vision is very important to a business because...

You need to think many steps ahead in business. Only when you have vision, you can have ideas that will allow you to be different.

The DBS SME Bank facility that have helped my business is...

Treasury/FX. DBS has impressed me with their energy and aggressiveness. It has helped our business manage our financial assets with calculated risks.

I am a SME Hero today only because...

The DBS team has worked hard to keep up with me and the fast pace of our business. They are constantly thinking on their feet, and I like how they always ‘do their homework’ before every meeting.

My advice to aspiring SME Heroes is...

Measure your calculated risks and then run with your heart. Don’t be afraid to deal with the challenges head-on!

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