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key person of influence

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What makes a Key Person of Influence?

By this time in your life or career you've probably climbed your way to a certain height of success. And when you're standing at the top of a mountain, it's easy to feel daunted because you see the peaks of everyone else's mountain and not your own. The truth is, you are already standing on a mountain of immense value. The key lies in recognizing this value and using it to find your own unique niche in this ‘brave new world'. KPIs are people that are able to take whatever experiences they have and position it in a way such that everyone else will go ‘wow'.

Don't fall for what's called the ‘Illusion of Limited Resources'. According to Professor Zane Pilzer, an economic advisor to several US administrations, a resource is only defined by our ability to use it. This simply means that there are no resources without resourcefulness. Chances are, you are already standing on a nest of golden opportunities that are just waiting for you to become resourceful enough to see them.

Always be aware of your goals and obstacles. What's the secret to dealing with your obstacles? Ignore them. It's as simple as that. It's also important to remember that everyone has to deal with the internal stuff - like sick days and break ups. Successful people are the ones that get stuff done no matter what else is going on.

Environment dictates performance. You haven't changed at all, just your surroundings. Consider this - why is it that a person who is mediocre in one workplace suddenly becomes a star when he or she switches companies? You've got to place yourself in an environment that allows you to perform at a high level. This is important because what the marketplace really cares about is output. Think big by constantly asking yourself questions like, ‘How is what I'm doing now going to impact a billion people?'

Here are 5 key points to remember when it comes to organizing your outer world.

Clarity - This refers to external clarity. Internal clarity doesn't really matter as much as the clarity you can create for others.

Credibility - This also refers to external credibility. The market has to believe that you're credible. Therefore, be known by the success of your clients.

Design- Products and business. You've got to have great products. Think of the oil and gas industry and Apple - they've got products that people will always want to have. Ask yourself, ‘what's your business design?' Desire (hunger for success as an entrepreneur) is irrelevant once you've got the right design. Build the design around you and the business will keep going despite the ups and downs.

Known - Get out there because you've got to be known. When you're not known for anything, it's impossible for anyone to refer you.

Team - Your internal team. You've got to have the right people around you to make it happen. There's no such thing as a silly goal, if you've got the right partners.

Are these five points enough to produce happiness? Not quite. Learn the importance of internal self-alignment with the next three tips.

Stretch - Take risks. Nothing good ever happens to you in your comfort zone.

Resourcefulness - Seek out like-minded companions to bounce ideas off and work on meaningful projects with.

Accountability - Form an accountability group among your friends and hold yourself responsible to the goals you have set for yourself.

Five key entrepreneurial strengths that a KPI needs to hone to stand out from the rest.

A perfect pitch - In today's market being remarkable is essential. If you don't have an amazing pitch, regardless of great your product or service is, you will always struggle. Pitch for what the market values - not what you value because no one ever buys anything in the world unless they're trying to solve a problem.

Publish your ideas - Publishing through books and articles builds credibility, authority and brings fresh opportunity. Once you have a clear framework for expressing your thought leadership, the rest is easy. A book is such a powerful tool when it comes to business because it establishes your credibility in the industry.

Productise your value - Turning your skills and talents into products is the fastest way to avoid the time for money trap and spend more time doing the things you love.

Raise your profile - Being good at what you do is no longer enough if you want to be a top earner. You need to stand out and be recognized. In a time when ‘you are who Google says you are', what do you want to be known for?

Acquire great partnerships - Packaging your value so other people can succeed is where you will multiply your profit, attract major opportunities and begin to enjoy the fruits of everything you have built.

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