Weaving A New Perspective

The textile and apparel sector in Asia is in its transformation phase. With shorter product life cycle and and unpredictable demand, the sector is renewing itself to meet the changing consumer tastes and technological disruption.


From the powerhouses of India and China, to smaller but more advanced markets such as Singapore and Hong Kong, the sector is renewing itself amid changing consumer tastes and technological disruption. The event was a gathering of innovators and industry experts to help manufacturers, brands and distributors stay ahead amidst a competitive global landscape! Stay ahead amidst a competitive global landscape! Read more about the event here.

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Discover the latest trends in the Apparel industry and how they are helping businesses stay ahead to meet the changing consumer tastes and global competition.

robotics sewing machine

Your Sewing Machine Just Got Smarter

Advanced robotics will transform the way clothes are made, making the process cheaper and faster.

half body mannequin with tape measure

Made To Order For One

Consumers are looking for more ways to express their individuality. Enter customised fashion.

technology in textiles and apparels

Getting The Whole Picture

More textiles and apparels businesses are using technology to connect all parts of their supply chains for better decision-making.

smart clothing

Where Fashion And Tech Intersect

The smart clothing market is set to grow as consumers look forward to revolutionary products.

DMK women’s footwear

DMK tailors its fashion retail with actionable insights

Retailer for women’s footwear saw that businesses could not function as a one-way communication to customers in a digital era.

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