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Keynote Speaker - Ernestine Fu, Strategic Advisor on Retail and E-Commerce

Ernestine Fu

Ernestine Fu is an angel investor and venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. She is most recognized for her role in funding, advising, and leading the boards of multiple startups and venture funds focused on disruptive technologies. Outside of investing, Ernestine is also a best-selling author, lecturer at Stanford University, and philanthropist. At DBS, she has advised on venture debt financing and other SME business programs, and is a strategic advisor on retail and e-commerce.


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Ascentis is a leading Customer Relationship Management and Business Intelligence Solution Provider in Asia Pacific. They have participated in over 100 successful implementations that have seen many of our customers able to maximize their customers' values by attaining the attention and retaining the loyalty of their customers. Their products, Matrix CRM and Matrix Intelligence enterprise solution provide comprehensive tools to manage loyalty programs, marketing campaigns with advance analytical capabilities and Corporate Performance Measurement.

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Blippar is a visual discovery app, using augmented reality and machine learning to bring the physical world to life through smartphones and wearables. Since launching in 2011, Blippar has built its business by working with brands to help them make the most of their marketing assets by making them blippable, adding an engaging digital experience layer to packaging, print/outdoor advertising and books/magazines/newspapers. This has enabled partners to make more of their assets, deepening engagement, driving interaction and purchase, and collecting data on people's behaviour.

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GoGoVan enables same-day delivery through a pioneer mobile and web app. The platform connects individuals and businesses directly with thousands of drivers for their real-time logistic needs. Leading the market in response time and island-wide coverage, GoGoVan Singapore also has the largest driver base of more than 10,000 motorcycles, sedans, vans, and lorries.

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KAI Square’s signature cloud-based video analytics product, Video Analytics as-a-Service (VAaaS) uses computer vision algorithm to help businesses, especially the retail industry, monitor their brick and mortar stores and gain critical in-store customer insights while keeping it safe.

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OTSAW is a digital agency that embraces technology, design and innovations. With offices in Singapore, Silicon Valley and Shanghai, they help brands build digital bridges to engage people, solve problems and create ideas worth talking. Otsaw is also the sole distributor of Double in Singapore, the World’s Leading Telepresence Robot.

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Speculo embraces the philosophy of providing total solutions, encompassing both product and support, for business partners and customers' demands. Speculo is an Informatics Technology Distribution Centre and provide solutions on Internet of All Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data, Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Sensors and Actuators and Anything as a Services.