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SME Academy “LIVE” – Training for Uncertainty

The special edition of the SME Academy LIVE webinar has come to an end. The recorded sessions for each class is, however, is now available! You can access it by simply filling in the form by clicking on your preferred webinar course.

This series of webinars were specially curated for industries hardest hit by the pandemic. In collaboration with IBM, IMDA, NTUC Learning Hub, Singapore Business Federation, SkillsFuture Singapore and Workforce Singapore, the webinars covered curriculum customised for the Tourism, F&B and Retail sectors. Each sector-specific webinar identifies aspects of businesses that SME owners and decision-makers can focus on to upskill the workforce, and prep for the eventual recovery.

There was also an informative webinar on PSG-approved digital solutions that helped address current challenges faced by businesses, regardless of the industry.

These webinars were designed to help you manage the uncertainty with actionable insights and tangible next steps, as well as uncover subsidies and banking solutions that you can leverage on to continue the training or pick up a digital solution.

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  • Upskill For The Future: Tourism

    Upskill For The Future: Tourism

    Facilitated by NTUC Learning Hub, SkillsFuture Singapore & Workforce Singapore

    Understand the new phase of the Tourism sector and acquire insights on technological knowledge for the future to strategise for recovery.

  • Upskill For Future: Retail

    Upskill For Future: Retail

    Facilitated by NTUC Learning Hub, SkillsFuture Singapore & Workforce Singapore

    What is the future of retail? Learn about the shift in mindset and the latest in technological advancement that can be advantageous in securing your future in retail.

  • Upskill For The Future: F&B

    Upskill For The Future: F&B

    Facilitated by NTUC Learning Hub, SkillsFuture Singapore & Workforce Singapore

    Learn about the different forms of conveniences and technologies shaping the future economy. As well as what it takes to stay ahead of the competition in the F&B scene.

  • Emerge Stronger Post-pandemic

    Emerge Stronger Post-pandemic

    Facilitated by IBM, SkillsFuture Singapore & Workforce Singapore

    What are the imperatives that surfaced due to the pandemic? Why is it important to go digital? Learn how digitalisation can help address current challenges.

Continue your training or pick up a digital solution with these subsidies 

By SkillsFuture SG

SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit: The SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC) scheme aims to support employers to transform their businesses. Eligible employers will receive a one-off $10,000 credit to cover up to an additional 90% of out-of-pocket expenses when they embark on business improvement, job redesign and skills training initiatives funded the Government. 

Enhanced Training Support Package: The Enhanced Training Support Package (ETSP) is another support measure by the Government to help enterprises tide over the economic impact of Covid-19 and be better positioned for subsequent recovery. The ETSP is a time-limited scheme to cover course fee and absentee payroll funding for eligible SSG-supported courses commenced and completed before 31 December 2020.

By Workforce Singapore Service Industry Transformation Programme: The Service Transformation Programme (SITP), supported by Workforce Singapore, is curated to work with enterprises in the Lifestyle Sectors (Food Services, Hotels, Retails, Tour & Travel, MICE and Attractions) to be manpower lean, to stay competitive and to help the workforce transform and adapt to future ready jobs. SITP consist of 2-day knowledge transfer workshop and skills application through a guided project implementation. 
SGUnited Jobs Initiative: SGUnited Jobs Initiative seeks to match workers to enterprises with current available jobs (created as a result of COVID-19 or those with short-term manpower needs due to disruptions) and help enterprises recruit for the eventual recovery.
By IMDA The SMEs Go Digital programme includes pre-approved solutions that help companies improve productivity and enhance business processes. From 1 Apr 2020 to 31 Dec 2020, SMEs that adopt these pre-approved solutions can receive up to 80% grant support from the Productivity Solutions Grant. The scope of PSG-supported solutions has also been expanded to include remote working and visitor management solutions, to help SMEs cope with COVID-19. Other relevant digital solutions offered by the industry, for free or with limited time offers, are also available on the “Stay Healthy, Go Digital” page.

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