DBS World Business Card

Make the world your business

DBS World Business Card

Make the world your business

At a Glance
DBS World Business Card gives you access to airport lounges and rewards you with cash rebates, whether you're travelling for business or leisure.

Up to 2% cash rebate

Receive DBS Rewards Points to redeem for cash rebates, shopping vouchers, or air miles


Up to S$1 million travel insurance coverage

Get insured when the full travel fare is charged to your DBS World Business Card


10X priority pass access

Enjoy up to 10 complimentary visits per annum to over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide. Sign up for Priority Pass

Features & Benefits

Cash rebates in DBS rewards points

Redeem for cash rebates, shopping vouchers, or air miles

  • 2% cash rebate on overseas spending: Every S$10 spent earns you 10 DBS Rewards Points (equivalent to 2% cash rebate/20 air miles).

  • 1% on local dining, entertainment and travel: Every S$10 spent earns you 5 DBS Rewards Points (equivalent to 1% cash rebate/10 air miles).

  • 0.3% on other transactions: Every S$10 spent earns you 1.5 DBS Rewards Points (equivalent to 0.3% cash rebate/3 air miles).

Note: Only selected transactions are eligible to earn DBS Rewards Points


Mastercard easy savings®

Rebates on expenses at participating merchants are automatically applied to your monthly statements, a first in ASEAN. Learn about Mastercard Easy Savings®


Business benefits

Give your business an edge with dining, entertainment, transport and other business benefits


Up to US$1.65 million employee misuse coverage

Complimentary coverage of up to US$25,000 per cardholder and US$1.65 million per company, when you sign up for two or more cards


24/7 online reporting and expense tool

Monitor and analyse card expenses whenever you wish. Additional fees and charges may apply

orange clock with no hands icon

Round-the-clock attention

Enjoy a 24-hour dedicated service with DBS BusinessCare

orange dollar coming out from atm machine icon

Recurring bill payment

Enjoy the convenience of paying your monthly utilities, telephone and town council bills with DBS Recurring Bill Payment


Simply spend a minimum of S$2,500 a month online from 1 July to 30 September 2020 to receive 3% cashback on all your online spend. This way, you can enjoy savings while you get ready for the challenges ahead.

Terms and Conditions apply.



Apply now and spend S$4,000 in the first month to earn up to 5% rebate.

Terms & Conditions apply. 


Eligibility & Fees
Age 21 years and above
Income S$80,000 and above per annum
Annual fees S$406.60
Fee waiver 1 year
How to Apply

Enjoy a world of benefits with DBS World Business Card

Can I use my DBS World Business Card as soon as I receive it in the mail?

You must activate your card first. Activate your new card via SMS, DBS digibank (online/mobile) or complete the activation slip and email to comcards@dbs.com, and we’ll activate it for you.

Can I view my transaction online or receive an individual electronic statement?

Yes, you can view your commercial card transactions through DBS digibank (online/mobile). You can also receive eStatements by enrolling through DBS digibank online.

How is the card limit assigned to my employees?

Once you have received your overall company limit, you can allocate a limit to each cardholder based on his or her usage requirements.

I already have a personal credit card. Why do I need a DBS World Business Card?

The DBS World Business Card allows you to keep your business expenses separate from personal expenses. You can also provide a DBS World Business Card to your employees to allow them to run your business more effectively and receive additional savings on a company level.

What other benefits does DBS World Business Card have for my business?

We have the most flexible rewards program. You can redeem:

  • Cash rebates
  • Shopping vouchers
  • Air miles

Get a copy of the DBS Rewards Points redemption form.

Read the full DBS World Business Card Agreement and ABS MoneySENSE Guide.

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