Faster telegraphic transfers within the DBS network


Faster telegraphic transfers within the DBS network

At a Glance

Use PriorityPay to transfer funds to any DBS account across our regional network

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Faster cross border funds transfer between DBS accounts in 8 markets. Subject to regulations in the beneficiary market

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Cost effective

S$0 Cable or Telex charges. Preferential service for all DBS customers

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Get an email/SMS when your beneficiary is credited

Features & Benefits
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Access information easily

Through end-to-end cross-border payments

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Increase your efficiency

Better cash management and faster turnaround time

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Get payment status in real-time

Know when funds have been received or if they are still being processed

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Input remittance details

Include up to 140 characters of information to give your beneficiary more payment details

How it Works
How can I make a payment through PriorityPay?

If your beneficiary has a DBS account in the region, your telegraphic transfer will be sent via PriorityPay. 

Which overseas DBS branches participate in PriorityPay?

All telegraphic transfers between the following branches:

  • DBS Singapore 
  • DBS Hong Kong
  • DBS China
  • DBS India
  • DBS Taiwan
  • DBS Indonesia
  • DBS Vietnam
  • DBS Australia
What are the supported currencies?

US Dollar, Euro, Great Britain Pound, Japanese Yen, Singapore Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar1, Swiss Franc1, New Zealand Dollar2

1 - not available for DBS Vietnam, DBS Australia
2 - not available for DBS Vietnam

How can I access PriorityPay on IDEAL?

If the beneficiary’s account is within our network, telegraphic transfers made on IDEAL will be sent via PriorityPay.

Are there any additional charges?

No. Apart from the cross-border remittance fees, there are no extra costs involved. Cable/telex charges are also waived for PriorityPay transactions. For further information, please refer to PriorityPay Factsheet and Pricing Guide.

How do I sign up for the credit confirmation alert?

Go to IDEAL Dashboard >  Choose ‘Create and Manage Alerts’ (under your User Name at the top menu) > Scroll down to find ‘Credit Confirmation Alert’ > Click on ‘Create personalised alert’ to complete the set up.