Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance with DBS IDEAL (CSA)

Manage User Access and Company Profile with Customer Self Administration

Easy Maintenance with DBS IDEAL (CSA)

Manage User Access and Company Profile with Customer Self Administration

At a Glance

Manage and control user accesses and your company’s profile digitally with the Customer Self Administration module on DBS IDEAL.

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Do Away with Forms

Assign administrator access to designated users at no charge.

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Admin Power at Your Fingertips

Add, modify or remove DBS IDEAL users and manage user permissions to company's accounts and online banking functions.

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Enjoy peace of mind on changes to your company's user accesses and profile. Receive a notification when a user is added or accesses are changed.

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Features & Benefits
Managing Users
Managing Users

Add, modify or delete DBS IDEAL users.

Managing Access to Accounts and Functions
Managing Access to Accounts and Functions

Maintain control over your company’s DBS IDEAL users’ accounts and access, including access to functions such as Payment Initiation, Account Transfer and Information Reporting.

Managing Security Credentials
Managing Security Credentials

Distribute DBS IDEAL user IDs, activate/deactivate users and unlock security devices of existing users.

Managing your Company’s Profile on DBS IDEAL
Managing your Company’s Profile on DBS IDEAL

Enrol for new features, manage your company’s authorisation policy, change limits, and much more.

How it Works

The DBS IDEAL Customer Self Administration on DBS IDEAL allows you to nominate a User to be an Administrator in your company. The Administrator can grant access rights to other DBS IDEAL users and perform important functions. For instance, the Administrator could delegate viewing and payment rights to specific DBS IDEAL users in your company.

How it works

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How do I assign an Administrator for DBS IDEAL?

For security reasons, DBS IDEAL Administrator can only be added by DBS. Simply fill up the Administrator Maintenance Form and submit to DBS, along with the supporting documents for processing. Please contact DBS BusinessCare hotline for more information.

How many DBS IDEAL Administrators do I need?

You should have at least two DBS IDEAL Administrators. However, designating more than two administrators is strongly recommended. Administrators perform various important functions, and they can work as a team to separately initiate or approve changes. Having more Administrators can also help to prevent internal fraud. There are no charges for the DBS IDEAL Administrators capabilities, so you can assign as many Administrators to suit your company’s needs.

Who makes a good candidate as a DBS IDEAL Administrator?

The candidate should understand your company's operations and audit requirements. He/she should also be familiar with the transactions or functions you use on DBS IDEAL. The candidate is not required to be the CFO or Treasurer, however, he/she should be a person with authority as they have control to grant online banking access to employees to initiate transactions. He/she should have knowledge on security and be proactive in monitoring security during business hours. 

Many of our clients consider nominating their existing Risk or Security department managers as Administrators, as these employees often manage other employees’ access to accounts, including the issuance of funds transfers or domestic transactions.

Can the DBS IDEAL Administrator also be a transaction maker or authoriser?

Yes. The DBS IDEAL Administrator can hold dual responsibilities of being a transaction maker or authoriser, together with administrator.

Can I change my DBS IDEAL Administrator?

Yes, you can. If a change is required, a DBS IDEAL Administrator Maintenance Form should be completed by the company and submitted to DBS for processing.