Step up your business wellness

Protect the future of your business with our insurance solutions and feel at ease

Step up your business wellness

Protect the future of your business with our insurance solutions and feel at ease

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With the constant change in the business world in recent times, SMEs are evolving and finding new ways to survive and thrive.

Here at DBS, we have comprehensive and affordable commercial risk and health solutions for your near term and future needs. Safeguard the health and wellness of business owners and employees, while protecting your company assets so that you can focus on sustainable long-term growth.

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Compassion is the heart of everything Summer does

Listen to how Summer, founder of The Tattletale Agency stepped up with the DBS Workplace Wellness Programme and SME Package Policy to protect her employees when she set up her digital marketing agency amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Solutions
Life Insurance

Step up your business wellness by protecting against the loss of key personnel and guarantors regardless of unexpected events. This includes Keyman, collateral and employee retention solutions.

View our full suite of Life Insurance solutions here.

General Insurance

Securing your business’ wellness is critical to ensuring uninterrupted operations and minimise any potential loss or damage caused by the unforeseen.

Protect your assets, operations, and employees with our solutions ranging from liability, equipment, and property to work injury compensation.

View our full suite of General Insurance solutions here.

Explore our group personal accident policy now.

Group Medical Insurance

Boost your employees’ welfare and provide them with peace of mind with Group Medical insurance. This includes coverage that alleviates expenses incurred from hospitalisation, surgery or accidents. Our solutions include Group Term Life, Group Hospital and Surgical.

DBS Workplace Wellness Programme

Covid-19 has cast a new spotlight on employee safety and welfare. There is a push towards holistic wellness at the workplace that has become a priority for companies who want to stay ahead.

Don’t be left behind. Take advantage of the full suite of MNC-level benefits that DBS Workplace Wellness Programme offers for your business when you sign up for free* today.

*Applicable for DBS Corporate and SME banking customers only.