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Group Personal Accident

We offer extensive accident coverage and liability protection for employers and their employees.


Innovations Made to Group Personal Accident

The Group Personal Accident policy by Chubb is outstanding in combining market relevant benefits with highly-acclaimed claims service for companies and organisations of all sizes, large or small.

Coupled with an abundance of additional benefits for both employees and clients:

  1. Covers for wider scope under natural catastrophe
  2. Covering 8 additional events – Cyclone, Flood, Landslide, Tornado, Volcanic eruption, Windstorm, Hailstorm and Wildfire.
  3. Additional cover to be customised according to your clients' needs*
  4. A total of 20 additional benefits reflecting today’s fast-paced and complex society that we live in, addressing the needs of your clients' employees as best as we can.
  5. Four standard general exclusions
  6. Even with all the right precautions, you cannot predict accidents. The comprehensive range of protection offered, coupled with limited exclusions, gives your clients and their employees greater assurance.


*Additional Covers

  1. Replacement Staff and Recruitment Costs
  2. Visitor’s Benefit
  3. Funeral Expenses
  4. Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  5. Coma Benefit
  6. Dependent Child Education Supplement
  7. Modification / Mobility Expenses
  8. Domestic Assistance for Activities of Daily Living
  9. Ambulance Cost
  10. Trauma Counselling Benefit
  11. HIV due to Blood Transfusion
  12. Accidental Hospital Recuperation
  13. Compassionate Income
  14. Credit Card Indemnity
  15. Major Head Trauma
  16. Non-Elective Surgery
  17. Physiotherapy Costs
  18. Scarring of the Face
  19. Accidental Death due to Natural Catastrophe
  20. Terrorism Benefit

With the Group Personal Accident Policy, companies and organisations are empowered in fulfilling their obligations to their employees with an extensive personal accident insurance coverage against accidental death or injury.


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