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Work Guard offers a suite of coverages, beyond statutory requirements, to safeguard the employer and their employees.


Chubb Work Guard

Chubb Work Guard™ is a work injury compensation programme designed to protect employers and employees with adequate coverage beyond the basic statutory requirements.

Key features of the Chubb Work Guard includes competitive limits for Common Law and Medical expenses as well as a suite of 12 additional benefits. We believe that these additional benefits set Chubb apart as a market leader in Work Injury Compensation Insurance. Your clients can rest assured knowing that their business and their employees will enjoy wide ranging cover along with Chubb’s promise of service excellence and award winning claims proposition.

Did you know?

Under WICA, employers are required to maintain insurance for the following employees:

  • All involved in manual work; and
  • All other non-manual workers earning $1,600 or less a month.

However, employers are susceptible to legal liability for claims under both WICA and also the Common Law for all employees, even if they are not under the categories mentioned above. As such, Chubb has developed the Chubb Work Guard, to safeguard employers’ liability, and offer value-added services.


Key Features

BenefitsStatutory RequirementChubb Work Guard
Common Law Limit-$15,000,000
Medical Expenses$36,000$300,000
Outpatient Leave14 Days30 Days
Hospitalisation Leave60 Days120 Days
Non-Occupational Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disablement-$50,000

Additional Benefits

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Replacement Staff / Recruitment Costs
  • Funeral Expense
  • Continuous Worldwide Bed Confinement
  • Accidental HIV Infection
  • Terrorism Benefit - Injury (Lump Sum)
  • Terrorism Benefit - Witness (Lump Sum)
  • Terrorism Benefit - Incapacity (Lump Sum)
  • Workplace Trauma Benefit
  • 24-hour Cover on Worldwide Business Travel
  • Travelling to and from Work (excluding travelling on two-wheelers)
  • Contingent Liability to Independent Contractors

Policy terms, conditions and exclusions apply.


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