SME Financing Tool Kit

SME Financing Toolkit

Packed with the right tools to support your business’ success

SME Financing Toolkit

Packed with the right tools to support your business’ success

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Finding the right support and solutions for your business should always come with ease. The road ahead may get bumpy, and you’ll need to power through. But it also means that there are opportunities for those who can power up. The SME Financing Toolkit, simply put, is a compilation of financing ideas, products and solutions you need to fuel your business through good times or tough times. All in one place.

At a certain stage of growth, SMEs must consider their financing options and decide how they can best support their business. Read more here

SME financing made easy 

Financing remains a challenge for many SMEs due to the lack of liquidity, among other reasons, compared to MNCs and larger companies. Learn more about the factors which influence financing availability and what financing options are best suited for your business here

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Take the first step by making an informed decision for a suitable business loan or financial solution. 

DBS Quick Finance

DBS Quick Finance

DBS Quick Finance enables fast access to financing of up to $300,000 where selected DBS SME customers are pro-actively offered different kinds of access to working capital which includes overdraft and working capital loan. With DBS Quick Finance, the lending process has been reduced to just a minute to apply, a second to approve and in some instances, even instant disbursement. It’s the financial power you need, to act when you need. Fast.  

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Finding the Right Financing Solution

Finding the right financing solution

Ready to find the best financing solution for your business? We have different financing solutions to fund your business growth. Look through our directory of different loans available and power up your cash flow.

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Get Started with Your Application

Get started with your application

We know you can’t wait to get started, that’s why applying for a loan has never been easier with our online application channel.  

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Loan Repayment Calculator

Calculate monthly installments, total interest payable and total payment.

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Looking beyond loans

Building a strong and sustainable business goes beyond a successful loan. It involves adopting inclusive models which transform your business. The DBS Foundation has launched the SME Kickstarter Grant, under our flagship grant programme to empower and enable SMEs to become businesses which create a positive social and environmental impact.

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Hear from your fellow SMEs

“Was expecting loan application to require a lot of documents and for it to take around 3 weeks. Impressed that the whole process from application to disbursement only took 2 days and that no documents are needed! Good job!”
Stratgogem Pte Ltd

“Very grateful that DBS is providing SMEs with such an easy financing process. The process was very fast and simple. This came in timely to help the company with some cashflow issues. Very nice to know that DBS is pushing out these features to help SMEs.”

Coolock International Pte Ltd

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