DBS Digital Readiness Survey
regional report for Corporates

Asia Pacific businesses can reach greater heights with stronger digital strategies

DBS Digital Readiness Survey
regional report for Corporates

Asia Pacific businesses can reach greater heights with stronger digital strategies

Digital Readiness Survey 2021: Highlights for Corporates

In the third edition of the DBS Digital Readiness Survey, Asia Pacific corporates have stepped up their digitalisation efforts with clearer and more holistic approaches to digital transformation.

As the need to digitalise becomes more urgent, corporates have switched gears to become more proactive in their efforts. They are exploring new ways of working, supporting key actors in their supply chains, and continuing to pivot sales and distribution models to meet the ever-changing demands of clients and partners amid the pandemic.

Treasurers - the drivers of digital change

Seven in ten corporates in Asia Pacific have digital transformation strategies in place, with the treasury functions increasingly pushing for digitalisation. Treasurers are actively collaborating within their organisations and leading the digital journey to become ‘future fit’. One in three treasurers are considered in the vanguard of their companies’ digitalisation plans.

Top technology investments include trade and supply chain financing and cash management

Corporate treasurers in Asia Pacific are shifting focus in their new technology investments to support their companies’ transaction services requirements, with 65% of corporates investing in trade and supply chain financing and 56% spending on cash management solutions.

API technology rises in popularity

There has been a sharp increase in corporates connecting to their banks through APIs, and this connectivity has grown from 37% a year ago to 56% currently. In comparison with international markets, Asia Pacific is firmly ahead of the US (47%) and rapidly catching up to the UK (61%) in the use of APIs for banking connectivity.

For more in-depth findings of corporate digital readiness in Asia Pacific, follow the links below to read the report:

  • dbs

    Treasurers: Drivers of Digital Change

    Corporate report

  • digital

    Infographic: Size Matters

    Large corporates ahead of SMEs in digital readiness

  • digital

    Infographic: Ranking Digital Readiness

    Get an overview of digital readiness across Asia Pacific

Corporate: Country and Regional Reports

Amongst Asia Pacific’s corporates, digitalisation strategies are achieving greater clarity and becoming more defined—with Singapore in the lead. Singapore has the highest proportion of corporates (at 62%) with a clear digital transformation roadmap, followed by Taiwan (51%).

Find out more about corporates’ receptiveness to digitalisation, barriers to digital adoption, top investment priorities and more in different countries across the region—and the world.  

  • Australia


    ESG is the next frontier for digitalisation

  • China


    Treasurers confident in driving digitalisation

  • HongKong


    Treasurers outperforming the region in digital transformation

  • India


    Focusing investments on trade and supply chain financing

  • Indonesia


    Corporates are prioritising supply chain solutions

  • Japan


    Enabling employee creativity key to driving digitalisation

  • Malaysia


    Treasurers need to do more for digitalisation

  • Philipines


    Talent shortage hampering digitalisation

  • Singapore


    Leads region in digital readiness

  • South Korea


    Organisational alignment: Crucial ingredient to digitalisation success

  • Taiwan


    Half of corporates have a clear digital strategy

  • Thailand


    One in four treasurers preparing resources to deliver digitalisation

  • uk


    Over half of corporates have a clear digital strategy

  • us


    High level of openness to innovate is driving digitalisation

  • Vietnam


    Treasurers need to take the opportunity to digitalise more

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