Cardholder Services

DBS Credit Cards Credit Limit Increase

Enjoy greater financial freedom with a higher Credit Limit.

DBS Credit Cards Credit Limit Review

Let us give you higher spending power as well as the opportunity to maximise the benefits that come with your DBS Credit Card!

How to Apply

  • SMS ‘CLI’ to 76060 and we will call you in 3 working days

  • Via mail or fax by completing an e-form

    Apply now

  • Call 1800 111 1111 or (65) 6327 2265

Terms and conditions

For temporary credit limit increase*, please call 1800 111 1111 or (65) 6327 2265

*Temporary credit limit increase is only applicable for overseas travel, weddings, hospitalisation and compassionate purposes.

Note: In compliance with regulations, both Principal and Supplementary Cardmembers’ consent are required, in order for supplementary cards to enjoy the same permanent credit limit increase requested by the Principal Cardmember.

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