Buy now, pay later and get up to S$70 cash rebate

Slice up your income tax, shopping purchases and more into bite-sized pieces! From now till 31 Jul 2022, convert any of your transactions into instalments and get up to S$70 cash rebate* when you sign-up for any My Preferred Payment Plan (MP3) (of minimum 12 months and above).

Convert your transactions instantly on digibank and receive:

  • S$50 cash rebate for MP3 on Credit Cards transactions
  • S$70 cash rebate for MP3 on Savings Account transactions only on
    DBS digibank mobile

Apply now

*Max S$70 cash rebate per customer regardless the number of plans applied.

The promotion is valid till 31 July 2022 for the first 8,000 successful applicants only.

Terms and conditions apply.

How it works

Here’s an example of how My Preferred Payment Plan (Savings Account) can help serve up a more palatable bill-paying experience.

You’ve paid S$2,400 for your income tax through your DBS Savings Account.


Within the same month, you apply for
My Preferred Payment Plan (Savings Account) and split this transaction into instalments
over 12 months*.

Upon doing so, S$2,400 will be credited back into your DBS Savings Account and the same amount will be charged to your DBS Credit
Card as a monthly instalment plan.

Now, instead of paying the full amount in one transaction, you will be paying S$200 monthly.

Plus, you get to enjoy
S$70 cash rebate + 1,800 DBS Points.


*A small processing fee may apply.

How to apply

Step 1: Log in to digibank Mobile and tap More
Step 2: Under Apply, select Pay By Instalments and tap Deposit Account
Step 3: Select the transactions you wish to convert
Step 4: Choose your Credit Card and Instalment period
Step 5: Review the details and Confirm

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