Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Samsung Pay with my DBS/POSB Cards?

Yes, you can. DBS/POSB Cardmembers ("Cardmembers") can now use an eligible DBS/POSB Visa, American Express & Mastercard® Credit and Debit Card ("Card") with Samsung Pay to pay at selected merchants with Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless and/or Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) payment terminals.

As a Cardmember, you can also get real-time notifications and details of your purchases when you use Samsung Pay. Push notifications will be sent for transactions made with Samsung Pay on your Card.

Which Cards and devices are eligible for Samsung Pay?

All DBS/POSB Visa, American Express & Mastercard® Credit and Debit Cards are eligible for Samsung Pay. You may add up to a maximum of 10 Cards per device.

Samsung Pay is supported on the following compatible Samsung devices, please refer here.

Note that only DBS/POSB Visa, American Express & Mastercard® Credit and Debit Cards are allowed for Samsung Pay. Business, Corporate and Purchasing Cards issued by DBS are not enabled.

How many cards can I add to my Samsung Pay?

At this time, DBS allows up to 10 eligible Cards to be added to Samsung Pay on each device. To ensure that you are receiving the many benefits of DBS/POSB Cards, be sure to always select a DBS/POSB Card when paying with Samsung Pay.

Can I add my Card to more than one Samsung Pay app on separate devices?

Yes, you may add your eligible DBS/POSB Visa, American Express & Mastercard® Credit and Debit Card to multiple devices, but you will need to set your Card up on each device separately.

How do I pay with Samsung Pay?

To pay with Samsung Pay, you must first add your eligible Card(s) to the Samsung Pay app on your compatible Samsung device.

At a store with supported Near Field Communication (NFC) and/or Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) payment terminals, simply:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to the top to launch Samsung Pay and select your desired Card by swiping left or right
  2. Use your fingerprint or enter your PIN to authenticate the payment
  3. Tap your phone on the NFC contactless reader or the MST card reader

You will then see a "Tick" on your device along with a subtle vibration and beep to let you know that your payment information has been sent. A push notification with payment details will also be sent after each successful transaction.

How secure is a Samsung Pay transaction?

Your Card in Samsung Pay is protected by your fingerprint or Samsung Pay PIN. For your security, when you make a purchase using Samsung Pay, you must authorise the payment with your fingerprint or Samsung Pay PIN. A digital card number, separate and unique from your plastic Card account number, is used to make a purchase with Samsung Pay. All of your payment information will be stored securely on your phone using Samsung KNOX. Your plastic Card details are never shown in the app or shared with the merchant when you make payments.

Can I take advantage of DBS Offers using Samsung Pay?

Yes. You may use your eligible Card enrolled in Samsung Pay to enjoy offers at participating merchants offering privileges to Cards. To learn more about eligibility and enrolling in offers, please visit

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