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Cancel your Credit, Debit or ATM Card easily through our DBS digibot.

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Important information

  • Inform all billing organisations and make alternative arrangement for your recurring bill payments. You may refer to your past statements to check if you have any recurring payment arrangement.
  • Redeem all your DBS points, Daily$ (For POSB Everyday Card), Safra$ (For Safra DBS Credit/ Debit Card), TapForMore points (For PAssion Debit Card) before the card is terminated. Your DBS rewards will not be transferred to other active card(s) and will be forfeited upon card termination.
  • For security reasons, please cut each card in half and dispose of them straight away. If there are outstanding balances remaining, your monthly statement will continue to be sent to you until full payment has been made.
  • Please note that all active instalment plans (e.g. Personal Loan, My Preferred Payment Plan, Instalment Payment Plan) will be terminated along with the card termination. An early termination fee will be levied for each instalment plan(s) being terminated (please refer to the respective product Terms & Conditions for more information).
  • If you have any credit balance on your card account, please request for a refund through us. Do not perform the transfer on your own as it will be regarded as Cash Advance which will be subjected to Cash Advance fee and charges.

How to Cancel Card

DBS digibot
phone frame
Step 1
Click on the digibot Icon located at the bottom right.
Step 2
Type Terminate Card into the chat.
Step 3
Click Authenticate me.
Step 4
Complete the authentication using either your iBanking Login or Card & PIN.
Step 5
Tap on the Card you would like to terminate.
Step 6
Verify the Card Number(s) that you would like to cancel and tap on Yes.
Step 7
Select the Reason for Cancelling the Card(s).
Step 8
Tap on No, if there is no other cards that you wish to cancel.
Step 9
Review your request and tap Yes to complete your card(s) termination request.

More information

  • For DBS Takashimaya Platinum AMEX and Visa, please ensure to redeem your Taka points at Takashimaya before the card is terminated. Please visit Takashimaya with your card for the redemption.
  • For termination of DBS Live Fresh, POSB PAssion Card and POSB Everyday Card, if you have activated its Ez-Link feature, bring your physical card to a Transit Link office for refund (manual top up) and cancellation (EZ-Reload).
  • For termination of SAFRA Credit or Debit Card will not terminate SAFRA membership automatically. Please inform SAFRA directly for termination of SAFRA membership.
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